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Commission Receives Library Reports

By Staff | Feb 15, 2017

The Wetzel County Commission met Tuesday, Feb. 7 and were visited by county librarians Joanna Casto, Susan Reilly, Cathy Easton, and Janet Conn. Each librarian gave a report, regarding her respective library.

Joanna Casto, of the Paden City Public Library, began by thanking the commission for its help throughout the last year. Paden City Public Library had some excavation and drainage work administered to its building, which helped to improve the building drastically. There was roof damage from an earlier hail storm that has been reported to the insurance company. Casto announced that there were over 75 programs last year, at least one per week, available to the community. She also mentioned that the library plans on purchasing a flat screen television to have available for movie nights.

Janet Conn, of the New Martinsville Public Library, also expressed her gratitude to the commission for its yearly contribution to the library. Conn mentioned that the library held a New Year’s celebration with pre-schoolers and their parents. Conn feels that libraries are a vital part of any community and are able to help people in ways that many people don’t see. She mentioned how several members of the community have expressed their thanks to the library for its helped with resume design and job searches. Conn is in the process of making a calendar of events, which will include Monroe and Tyler counties, to be available for the community. For more information you can check out the website at newmartinsville.lib.wv.us.

Cathy Easton, of the Hundred Library, echoed the gratitude given to the commission. Easton stated that the commission’s contributions have helped the library match state grant funds, as well as helped to pay some of the utility costs. The library was able to purchase three new computers and added security to the outside of the building. Easton stated that the library also purchased an 8×8 storage building which is being put to good use. She said the library is currently undergoing renovations to its restrooms. The renovations include a new water heater. Easton also thanked the commission for extending sheriff deputy services to Hundred.

All of the librarians agreed that the use of electronic books and magazines have increased. Also, some of the libraries are an only source of internet access for several members of their communities. So in that manner, the libraries have managed to stay current and remain relevant, even with the obvious increases in technology.

In another matter, Dave Barr and Roy Justice spoke to the commission in regards to the Belomar Regional Council sewer project in Pine Grove. It was stated that Belomar requires at least a five percent contingency plan but would prefer a 10 percent contingency for this type of project. Justice stated that they were around $55,000 short of reaching the 10 percent contingency. The project will effect approximately 60-70 homes and seven to nine businesses. Justice said he did not need the funds currently but asked the commission to contribute should Belomar require the 10 percent contingency. The commission agreed to pay up to $55,000, if needed, toward the sewer project.

The commission passed a motion, giving advice and consent in the hiring of Jennifer Pugh, by recommendation of the Circuit Clerk. The commission also passed a motion to sign a letter of support for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Supply Header project, proposed by Dominion, to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The appointment of a new Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority member has been tabled until the next meeting.