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County Updated On Supply Header

By Staff | Feb 8, 2017

The Wetzel County Commission met for its regular meeting Jan. 31 and were presented an update by Bob Orndorff and Christine Mitchell, of Dominion, on the supply header that will be going through part of Wetzel County. The project is said to provide natural gas suppliers to various customers, allowing the transportation of natural gas from supply areas in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to market areas in Virginia and North Carolina. One of the main customers will be Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC – a joint venture composed of subsidiaries of Dominion Resources, Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, and Southern Company Gas, which is proposing to construct the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

The project in whole consists of approximately 37.5 miles of 30 inch diameter pipe to be constructed along existing pipeline rights-of-way and will include approximately 33.6 miles of pipeline in Harrison, Doddridge, Tyler, and Wetzel counties. Modifications and facility upgrades will be made at Dominion’s existing compressor stations in Marshall and Wetzel counties. Some of the projected benefits include economic development activity potential, economic activity during construction and operation, and employment opportunities.

In another matter, at its Jan. 24 meeting, the county commission discussed possible alternatives to resolve the issue with trains blocking Route 2 traffic near Choo Choo’s in New Martinsville. Mayor Steve Bohrer and several members of the community had come together with a plan to invite county, state, and federal officials, along with local EMS, VFD, and other emergency workers -that have stories revealing impact and potential dangers presented by the crossing – to a meeting to discuss potential solutions. Engineers have also been invited to the meeting to provide a professional perspective to the problem. Editor’s note: To see the story on this meeting, check out Meeting Held To Discuss Railroad

In another matter, Circuit Clerk Lori McCoy requested an additional phone line to be added to the circuit clerk’s office. There are going to be a few changes made to the office, and the old line needs to be extended to the adjacent room.

Also, Rosy Cozart of the Wetzel County Animal Shelter gave a yearly report of the number of dogs and cats that have been adopted, rescued, euthanized, taken in, or returned to owners. Throughout the 2016 year there were: 190 dogs taken in, two dogs euthanized, 45 dogs adopted, 129 dogs sent to a rescue, and 17 dogs returned to their owners. In reference to cats: 81 cats were taken in, 54 cats were taken to rescue, 27 cats adopted, 0 cats returned to owner, and five cats euthanized. Rosy also mentioned to the commissioners that the shelter’s internet has been having issues. She was advised to look into alternate internet providers that could help her solve the issue.

Other matters recently discussed, and dealt with, by the commission are the following:

* A motion passed reappointing Bonnie Brown to Wetzel County Public Service District Number One.

* A motion passed accepting the contract with Klug Excavating Inc. in the amount of $44,073,62 for the public canoe/kayak public access located near the Mollohan Center.

* The commission entered a maintenance agreement with Mid-Atlantic Business Communications for a new telephone system in the amount of 1,336.68 per year.

* The final performance report for the Wetzel County Public System District No. One Phase 4 was approved by the commission. The Hundred-Littleton Public Service District resolution and draw-down project was announced in the amount of $161,042.08.

* The commission agreed to approve the E-911 Directors advice to hire RJ Feldmeier as President and Jimmy Caldwell as Vice President of the organization.

* The commission also approved the motion to have the future agendas completed two business days prior to any official meeting as described by the West Virginia Ethics Commission.