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WCEAA Works To Pay For Heart Monitors

By Staff | Jan 11, 2017

Pictured is the Zoll X Series Heart Monitor.

The Wetzel County Emergency Ambulance Authority has raised $14,000 of $84,000 needed to pay for four new Zoll X Series Heart Monitors. Recently, Covestro donated $1,000 toward the authority’s fund-raising campaign, which began in June.

Each new heart monitor costs $24,500. A heart monitor/AED is required equipment for each ambulance. According to Jim Colvin, President of WCEAA, over the years, four of Wetzel County EMS’ heart monitors have become outdated, as far as available repair parts. Even though the monitors still operated, Wetzel County EMS elected to begin a project to raise enough money to purchase four new monitors.

“Our heart monitors allow our EMTs and Paramedics the ability to obtain a 12-Lead EKG for those patients experiencing chest pains and other heart related issues. We now have the ability to transmit those 12 lead EKG’s to the receiving hospital or our medical command at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown so the physicians on duty can review the EKG’s and then provide us feedback for medical treatment for the patient prior to arriving at the receiving hospital,” explained Colvin.

He added, “The 12 Lead EKG’s being obtained allows us to arrange for emergency helicopter transport to a cardiac center for those patients deemed to be experiencing heart attacks and other life threatening issues.”

Colvin said Wetzel County EMS elected to “lease-to-own” four new monitors.

“The lease-to-own term allows us to receive four new monitors but still be able to continue our fund raising project,” he said.