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BOE Honors Students

By Staff | Jan 11, 2017

Photos by Lauren Matthews Pictured, from left, are Wetzel County Schools Superintendent Ed Toman, student Kelsi Chapman, and Wetzel County Schools Board Member Warren Grace.

Four Wetzel County students were honored at the Wetzel County Board of Education meeting Tuesday night at the board office.

Jayden Mitchell and Matthew Scharf, members of the Cub Scout Troop #102, led the board in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of its meeting.

Also, Magnolia High School student Kelsi Chapman, along with Paden City High School student Isaac Price, were recognized for their achievements. Chapman was recently chosen for First Team All-State Volleyball for West Virginia Class A. Price was honored for being chosen for All-State Band.

Discussion took place, by the board, concerning personnel matters, specifically the change of Child Nutrition Director Amanda McPherson’s contract from a 220-day contract to a 261-day contract.

Board member Mike Blair asked why the contract change was taking place; he said he felt the money could be better spent than on positions in the county office.

Photos by Lauren Matthews Pictured, from left, are Wetzel County Schools Superintendent Ed Toman, student Isaac Price, and Wetzel County Schools Board Member Warren Grace

Blair emphasized that his concerns did not lie with the person in the position (McPherson) but the position itself being a 261-day contract.

It was noted that many of the directors positions have to match one another in contractual days.

Blair asked if McPherson was a director, and Superintendent Ed Toman replied in the affirmative.

Blair, speaking to Board Members Warren Grace and Bill Jones, noted that they – both former administrators – knew that 261 days allotted “in the schoolhouse,” rather than in the county office, “would be beneficial.”

Jones noted that he did agree with Blair when it comes to looking at funds that go to “those people out there with the kids everyday.” Jones noted that someday the board would need to address that situation.

Director of Ancillary Services Brian Jones noted that “in defense of the food program, there is a summer food program,” nothing that McPherson’s work is not just during the school year.

The board did end up voting in favor of all the personnel matters, including McPherson’s contractural change.

In another matter, Superintendent Toman reported that he had received an e-mail concerning JASON learning.

JASON is a nonprofit founded in 1989 by Dr. Robert D. Ballard. Notably, Ballard is best-known for his discovery of the Titanic.

JASON Learning provides curriculum in science, engineering, technology, and math; Wetzel County Board of Education is beginning to implement the new curriculum.

Toman noted that JASON is currently accepting applications for its Student and Teacher Argonaut Program.

Previously, it had been explained that argonauts are student and teacher pairs who go on adventures. Argonauts travel to national parks, as well as islands around the world. On these travels, Argonauts meet and study with scientists.

Toman said JASON Learning has recently released information on two of the adventures. One trip involves a study on sea turtles in the Bahamas, while another trip is to Acadia National Park in Maine.

Toman said students, ages 13-17, are encouraged to submit an application for the program. The superintendent described the Argonaut program as “top-notch” and “excellent.”

“It’s a great way to motivate kids for science,” he said. “It’s a pretty neat and awesome experience.”

“I think it is a wonderful opportunity,” Brian Jones said.


The following are the personnel and routine matters that were approved at the Jan. 3 meeting of the Wetzel County

Board of Personnel Matters:


Howard O. Meeks, III, acceptance of resignation from position as co-technology coordinator at Magnolia High School, effective immediately.

Toby L. Willis, acceptance of resignation from positions as special education teacher and SAT coordinator at Paden City High School, effective Jan. 2.

Professional Personnel:

Amanda R. Heasley, approval for employment as countywide substitute teacher, effective Jan. 4.

Craig W. Mason, approval for change in assignment from seventh/eighth grade mathematics teacher at New Martinsville School for the 2016-2017 school year to mathematics teacher at MHS, effective the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

Mallory B. Taylor, approval for employment as first grade teacher at LDS, effective Jan. 4.

Service Personnel:

Sara L. Eller, approval for change in assignment from Countywide Substitute Supervisory Teacher Aide to Supervisory Teacher Aide/ECAT at New Martinsville School, 506/F, effective Jan. 18.

Shana J. Loy, approval for change in assignment from countywide substitute cook to cook II at Paden City Elementary School, 676/B, effective Jan. 4.

Christina L. Wilcox, approval for change in assignment from cook II at PCES to cook II at NMS, 676/B, effective Jan. 4.


Mary R. Baker, approval for employment as academic support coach at MHS, effective Jan. 4.

Travis A. Emch, approval for employment as head boys track coach at MHS, effective the beginning of the 2016-2017 WVSSAC Season.

Alteration of Professional Contract by Mutual Agreement pursuant to West

Virginia Code 3/4 18A-4-19(a):

Amanda M. McPherson, from director of child nutrition, 220-day contract, to director of child nutrition, 261-day contract, effective Jan. 4.

Leave of Absence:

Approval of request from James M. Daugherty for an extension of his unpaid “medical leave of absence” from his position as bus aide, which began August 15, 2016 through January 1, 2017, to extend to April 1, 2017.

Routine Matters:

Out of State Trips:

Approval of request for James C. Kimble, Nicole Emch, Janet Moore, and Aaron Allen to attend the SREB Advising Students for the 21st Century and Beyond National Workshop in San Antonio, TX from Feb. 25-28. Funded through the High Schools That Work Professional Development grant funds.

Approval of request from Tammy H. Wells to attend the SREB Advising Students for the 21st Century and Beyond National Workshop in San Antonio, TX from Feb. 25-28. Funded through CTE and Step 7 funds.

First Reading Of New/Revised Wetzel County Policy:

First Reading of Revised Policy IKA: Assessment/Reporting Systems Policy by Tammy Wells.