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Yeager, Sidekick Make Christmas Voyage

By Staff | Jan 4, 2017

Robyn Yeager rides her trusty sidekick, Zigger, through the Pine Grove area. They have been delivering holiday cheer to the residents since 2013, when there was no Christmas parade planned.

On December 23, 2016, Route 20 resident Robyn Yeager saddled up her trusty sidekick Zigger and hit the road to spread some Christmas cheer to friends and neighbors in the Pine Grove area.

“We had a great trip and handed out nearly all of our 50 bags of candy and extra candy canes,” Yeager said. “The kids, old and young, had a great time,” she said.

Yeager said Debbie Bates, manager of the Valley Manor, was pleased with Yeager and Zigger’s visit and said that everyone was so happy to see the Christmas horse.

“Some of the older tennants were out with their cameras getting pictures of Zigger, and getting their treats. We had a whole herd of kids following us from house to house, knocking on the doors and helping with the candy,” Yeager said, adding that the voyage was “a lot of fun.” She further remarked that one horse crazy little girl, who was sporting a new pair of cowgirl boots said that Zigger “was the most beautiful horse ever.”

“We spent nearly three hours handing out treats, visiting business, and just hoping to bring some happiness to those passing us along the highway,” Yeager said, noting that this is the fourth year for her and her horse’s tradition.

“We started doing this in 2013 when there was no Christmas parade planned. I love Christmas for the giving part. I love to hand out candy ot the kids. I love to see people’s faces light up at the sight of the horse. I just like to see people smile.”

She continued, “So many people have heartaches, and this time of year is tough for those missing loved ones. I might not be able to take away all their pain and emptiness, but if for just a few minutes or hours, I can give them some happiness and maybe a great memory of time past on, I hope I can.”

And though this was one of the warmest trips in years, Yeager said the warm weather didn’t “dampen our spirits.”

“It actually made it a bit more bearable to be out so long,” she said.

“We hope to continue the tradition as long as possible… Zigger will be 22-years-old this year, but he loves attention and loves kids. As long as he is able, I will try to continue to bring the Christmas Horse to spread joy among our little town.”


Editor’s Note: Besides sharing her story with us, Robyn Yeager also submitted this special poem. We hope you enjoy.

A Pony for Christmas

By Robyn Yeager

Pine Grove, WV

She longed for a pony, like most every little girl will,

She said her prayers, and all her chores did fulfill.

She obeyed her parents, and was nice to her little brother Bill.


She wrote a letter to Santa, asking for that pony, each year;

Left him milk, and cookies, and a wish for good cheer.

She even made a plate of carrots for all of his reindeer.


Her room was adorned with ponies on the walls and her bed,

And on her pillows, where she would rest her little head.

Ponies danced on the curtains, as her prayers she said.


Many Christmasses passed, and with each, there was no pony;

The little girl was losing faith; she thought… “if only…”

But she was beginning to think Santa Claus was just a big phony.


Her Momma tried to comfort her on each Christmas day;

Told her a pony would not fit in Santa’s sleigh

She hid her tears, and thought that surely Santa could find a way.


She stopped writing and wishing as the years went by;

She forgot about that pony, as her dreams began to die;

She thought the fat man and his reindeer had all been a lie.


Her Daddy said Santa was real, so one more letter she wrote;

She didn’t ask for a pony; but a horse with soft shiny coat

She told Santa she still believed, and with that, she signed the note.


On Christmas morn, out in the yard, tied with a big red bow,

All her wishes, all her dreams, finally she would know

With this beautiful white horse that set her heart aglow.


He was her angel with pure white mane and silky tail that touched his heel.

This little girl who had longed for a pony, now knew how it would feel

For a young lady to fulfill her dream; for being a cowgirl is now so real.