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Wetzel Native Seeks Acting Career in Hollywood

By Staff | Jan 4, 2017

Mac Roberts has been a California resident for approximately one year. Yet his hardwork and perseverence is evident through his resume, which spans a good page and consists of work under the categories of theater, film, television, music videos, modeling, Internet, training, and more.

Roberts graduated from Magnolia High School in 2013, yet his desire to be a star – to reach the ultimate big screen – is not at all new. Roberts was involved in theatre, choir, and band in high school. He attended the governor’s school for arts when he was a junior in high school. And in fact, Roberts credits former MHS Educator Eileen Miller, as well as Bartolo Cannizzaro (of ADTA, The Academy for Dance & Theatre Arts) with mentoring him while in high school and prior to moving to Hollywood.

“I stay in touch with Mrs. Miller,” Roberts said, adding that he reaches out to his mentors back home when he receives a callback.

Perhaps this can partly attribute to Roberts remaining level-headed. Yet, he also explained how he strives to stay focused, and to keep his goals in mind.

“I go out a lot,” he said, but added that he goes out “to network.”

“I don’t drink, do drugs, smoke, or anything like that,” he said. “I just stay focused. You have to make sacrifces. Do I want to hang out with friends, or do I want to audition?”

“If acting is something you really want to do, you have to stop on top of it,” he said.

Roberts first attended West LibertyUniversity. However, he realized, this method to pursuing his dream wasn’t for him. And while living closer to home, he would drive to Pittsburgh every weekend, seeking acting opportunities.

In 2015, Roberts took the ultimate plunge, travelling across the country to California. After using websites to apply for actng jobs, he was discovered by SoCal Talent agency.

For aspiring actors and actresses, Roberts has some advice: “Stay on top of your art and your craft. Keep your body and your mind in shape.”

He added, “I take voice lessons… Try to learn as much as you can.”

Perhaps most noteworthy, something we can all take advice from: “Try to conduct your social media in a professional way.”

Roberts noted that many employers check out the social media accounts of prospects, not just in the acting world. Roberts encourages those, seeking work, not to “post crazy stuff.”

Roberts’ ultimate goal is to star in a movie, or have a recording deal. Movie-wise, Roberts would like to be in a horror film. He noted that some actors would see this as a stepdown, but he has always enjoyed the horror genre.

Currently, Roberts is most proud of his work for Disney. Although he is sometimes portrayed as being on the edgier side, Roberts said the Disney Channel is something he has always enjoyed watching, growing up. Now, he can see himself on the channel, as he has appeared on the show “Walk the Prank” three times. In fact, those in charge of casting were so impressed with Roberts’ first appearance that they asked him to return for the second two appearances, without auditioning.

Roberts said he also didn’t really experience a culture shock after moving to Hollywood, because he knew what to expect.

“I like a big city environment,” he said. However, Roberts added, “Hollywood isn’t as glamorous as it seems on TV.”

Furthermore, Roberts is proud, and not at all forgetting his West Virginia roots.

“I’m never ashamed or embarrassed of being from here,” he explained.

Roberts also has noticed that the local area is staying arts-oriented. He mentions Educator Dan Henthorn’s work for the theatre programs at Paden City and Magnolia high schools.

“It teaches you confidence and communication skills,” Roberts said of the theatre programs.

For more on Mac Roberts – screenname “Mac Glitzy,” – and where he is headed in 2017, be sure to check him out on Instagram, and elsewhere on the World Wide Web.