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Wetzel Commissioners Discuss Election Results

By Staff | Nov 23, 2016

The Wetzel County Commission met on Tuesday, Nov. 15, and New Martinsville City Council member Jeff Wright was present to report on price quotes for the electronic fingerprint scanner that local law enforcement is wanting to purchase.

Unfortunately, the quote was around double what the original estimate was that was previously presented to the commissioners. The commission has decided to table the topic until they can discuss further with the sheriff’s department. Wright also mentioned that the property for the proposed impound yard has not been surveyed yet. There has been a mix up and the city is not guaranteed the land. Wright was told to bring the old check in so that the county clerk could take it to the bank and get it officially canceled.

A motion passed to accept a budget adjustment for the assessor’s office in the amount of $15,000 from the tax department. The increase is compensation for additional duties provided by Assessor Scott Lemley.

A motion passed to allow the assessor use of the Mollohan Center on Dec. 8 for the assessor’s year end office evaluation followed by a dinner.

There was a funding request on the agenda in the amount of $27,233.85 from the Pine Grove Fire Department to replace turnout gear. They need 15 sets and the last sets were bought in 2005. A motion passed to take no action on the request until there can be a conversation with Fire Chief Tim Wilcox.

The commissioners reconvened as a Board of Canvas to discuss the election results. There was a motion to accept 61 additional votes to be counted and discard 80 votes not to be counted due to state regulations. There was a total of 6,452 ballots cast with a 53.63 percent voter turnout which the commissioners deemed official as the Board of Canvas.

There was a motion to recess the Board of Canvases until receiving word from the Secretary of State for certification.

The commissioners meeting resumed and there was a motion to approve the order to cancel the check issued to the city of New Martinsville for the impound lot.

Another motion passed on a budget adjustment. There was $8,000 added to the fire department account taken from the contingency account.