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Commission Signs WCH/WVU Medicine Resolutoin

By Staff | Nov 9, 2016

At the Tuesday, Nov. 1 meeting of the Wetzel County Commission, the commissioners met with Brian Felici, CEO of Wetzel County Hospital. Felici announced that Wetzel County Hospital had merged with WVU Medicine on Oct. 10. It was explained that What Wetzel County Hospital will have the same purchasing power as Ruby Memorial and will adopt the “Flying WV” logo as its subsidiary.

The resolution is written as follows:

At a regular session of the county commission of Wetzel County, West Virginia, held for said county at the courthouse, thereon on Tuesday, the 1stday of November, 2016.

Whereas, at their September 28, 2016 meeting with the Wetzel County Hospital Board of Trustees approved an Affiliation Agreement with WVU Medicine and the WVU Health System.

Whereas, Wetzel County Hospital has a 96 year history of serving the citizens of Wetzel and Tyler Counties, WV and Monroe County, OH.

Whereas, Wetzel County Hospital desires to retain and strengthen its legacy of providing high quality medical services and care to those residing in Wetzel and Tyler Counties, WV and Monroe County OH.

Whereas, WVU Hospital is the flagship hospital of WVU Health System, an integrated health care system composed of nine hospitals.

Whereas, Wetzel County Hospital is located near WVU Health System’s member hospitals including Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glen Dale, WV, Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV and Camden Clark Memorial Hospital in Parkersburg, WV and other affiliated hospitals in the region, allowing for the efficient sharing of, professional, clinical and physical resources.

Whereas, WVU Hospital is an academic medical center offering a full array of tertiary health care services.

Whereas, Wetzel County Hospital and WVUHS share common goals and objectives focused on the delivery of high quality, accessible, affordable health care for the patient populations they serve.

Whereas, given their proximity and their shared and common goals and objectives, WCH and WVUHS believe it is in their mutual best interests, and the mutual best interests of their patients and the communities served, to enter into a formal affiliation under which they will seek to establish cooperative clinical and operational programs, and engage in other collaborative efforts towards promoting accessible, high quality, affordable health care throughout the communities they serve.

Therefore, let it be resolved that the Wetzel County Commission, owner of the hospital, supports the Affiliation Agreement between Wetzel County Hospital and WVU Health System,

I hereby certify that the Wetzel County Commission at its meting of November 1, 2016 adopted the following resolution.

In witness whereof, the undersigned has hereunto set their hands on behalf of the County Commission effective of November 1, 2016.

The Document was then signed Commission President Larry Lemon, Commission Vice President Robert Gorby, and Don Mason, Commissioner.

“Thank you for your support and your time that you’ve given and your encouragement.

This does something that we would like to have done for a long time – expand our services and give us a chance at some of the more modern things that we simply didn’t have enough cash flow to do.

We think this is going to be a great improvement in the long run for this county and counties around us. Thank you,” responded Felici.

Next on the agenda was a meeting with Peter and Sally Conklin who requested use of the 4-H grounds on June 12-15, in 2017, for Mountain District Cub Scout Day Camp. The Conklins told about the success of last years camp, mentioning the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) program and how it was a favorite among campers.

They also noted that there were over 80 campers and they were all well provided, for thanks to several donating organizations who offered food and equipment for the week. The commissioners passed a motion allowing the camp and Commissioner Lemon added, “We sure do appreciate what you do with helping the youth with good activities, that’s very admirable, and we encourage you to keep on doing it… it’s making an impact, I think.”

The final meeting on the agenda was with Jimmy Glasscock Jr. from the Folsom Volunteer Fire Department. Glasscock brought in an itemized list of fire equipment needed for the newly acquired substation.

He brought quotes from Dill’s Fire and Safety and also Finley Fire Equipment on such items as fire protective hoods, gloves, boots, helmets, SCBA’s (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and more items needed to protect their firefighters. Glasscock also mentioned of some of the expenses that they will be facing as far as insurance, new hoses, radios, and other necessities needed to kick-start the substation but noted that the Folsom VFD will take care of these expenses.

Glasscock mentioned that each vehicle would need six complete sets of gear so to complete both trucks;12 complete sets of gear would be needed at a total of approximately 108,000.

The commissioners stated that they would review the items but noted that they need an official letter of request from the Folsom VFD.