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Heasley Captures Commission Seat

By Staff | Nov 8, 2016

Lisa Heasley stands alongside Commissioners Larry Lemon, Robert Gorby, and Donald Mason. Heasley, in January, will take Mason's seat, as he retires. (Photo by Lance Heasley)

In an incredibly tight race, Democrat Lisa Heasley captured the office of Wetzel County Commission, garnering just 115 more votes than her opponent, Republican Charles Clements.

Charles Clements garnered 3,014, compared to Heasley’s 3,129. The closeness of the race was even evident in early voting, as results showed that Clements received 979 early votes, while Heasley took in 962.

Heasley will replace current commissioner Donald Mason, who is retiring at the end of December.

Of her victory, Heasley thanked her opponent for running a “good, almost too good” campaign. She noted that Clements and herself “both stayed friendly and kept our campaigns clean.”

Heasley said she knew she had skills she could bring to the office of commission, but didn’t realize all of the skills she would learn along the campaign trail.

“I met so many people and learned so much from them.”

Heasley thanked her husband, kids, and family for their support. She also thanked her friends and the Wetzel County Democrats.

“I look forward to working with Commissioners Lemon, Gorby, and Mason — and the public as well. I appreciate all of the support and will always do my best for the citizens of Wetzel County,” Heasley said.

In the race for Wetzel County Sheriff, current Chief Deputy Mike Koontz (Democrat) received 5,179 votes, compared to opponent Jeffrey Frank Jarrell’s 682 votes.

Jarrell is a member of the Constitution Party.

The county’s special excess levy also saw a win, with 4,907 voters favoring the measure, while 1,091 voters voted against the measure.

The vote for the renewal will authorize continuation to pay expenses in providing ambulance serve in the amount of $200,000 annually and $1,000,000 during the five-year term of the levy for maintaining and operating new Martinsville, Grandview, Pine Grove, and Hundred stations.

The levy will provide volunteer fire departments $300,000 annually and $1,500,000 during the five-year levy term, which will be divided equally during the 11 volunteer fire departments in New Martinsville, Paden City, Grandview, Silver Hill, Reader, Pine Grove, Jacksonburg, Folsom, Smithfield, Wileyville and Hundred.

The additional rate in levy in cents, per one hundred of assessed valuation on each class of property would be: Class I, .65 cents; Class II, 1.30 Cents; Class III, 2.60 Cents; and Class IV, 2.60 cents.

As to other results, Wetzel County Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Haught, who ran unopposed for his office, garnered 5,488 in the general election. County Clerk Carol Haught, who also ran unopposed, received 5,563 votes. Henry Parsons ran unopposed in the race for surveyor and received 5,396 votes from Wetzel Countians. After winning the Democratic nomination in the primary race, Incumbent Assessor Scott Lemley received 5,499 votes in the general election. Lori McCoy, candidate for circuit clerk, also won the Democratic nomination in the primary race. She received 5,421 votes in the general election.

Though the county results were in early on election night, area residents were still guaranteed to be up late hours while waiting for state and national results.

“The tension was high at Wetzel County Democratic Headquarters on election night as the results rolled in,” said Frances Headley who works with public relations for the Wetzel County Democratic Executive Committee. After a lengthy campaign season that started well before the primary election, everyone is on edge, hoping for the best and looking forward to moving forward in Wetzel County and West Virginia,” she said.