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Mayor Warns Against Insurance Scam

By Staff | Oct 26, 2016

Paden City Mayor Joel Davis is reaching out to warn area residents of scams after Thursday’s severe weather.

Davis noted that people have been travelling the area “acting as insurance adjusters and contractors trying to scam people out of money.” Davis noted that the individuals are not from the area and have shown up because of the storm.

Davis said he has issued warnings via the official Paden City Facebook page, as well as his “Mayor of Paden City” page.

Via the latter page, Davis issued a warning noting that he has heard there are “people going door to door to give bids on fixing homeowner’s damage.”

“I’m not saying these people are not legitimate businesses, because I do not know who they are, nor have I heard who they are. I am only cautioning you to make sure you check them out and ask for credentials.”

“They are there to work for you and a reputable company will not mind you asking questions.”

Davis said he has heard of one company, going door to door, who are licensed and insured; he said Bella Construction, out of Grafton has rented a space from the Paden City Development Authority and plan on being in the area for at least a year.

Davis said he was going to research the company more, adding “people just need to know that no matter who they get to fix their damage, to make sure they are licensed in West Virginia and have insurance.”

“It doesn’t hurt to ask for references either,” he said.

Davis urged residents who see “something shady happening,” to contact him, a council person, the city office, or the police know.