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Commission Approves Fish Creek Stream Access

By Staff | Oct 26, 2016

The Wetzel County Commissioners recently discussed supplying the Army Corps of Engineers a permit to install a stream access located at the Wetzel County 4-H grounds. This would allow kayaks/canoes an easier place to get in and out of Fish Creek. With upcoming success, the commissioners hope to continue installing more accesses upstream of Fish Creek, possibly as far as the county line, giving local adventurists and tourists more kayaking opportunities. The commissioners hope that this will help boost tourism.

“Kayaking seems to be a terrifically popular activity,” Commissioner Larry Lemon noted. A motion passed to donate $1,000 to backpack programs at Long Drain School and Hundred High School.

The commissioners also passed a motion, giving advice and consent of approval to the hiring of Leslie Elliot to the prosecuting attorney’s VOCA grant program.

There was also an approval of an addendum to the grant contract between the Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center and the West Virginia Justice Community Service Division. The reason for the addendum concerned only an address change.