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HHS, LDS Give Updates To Board

By Staff | Oct 12, 2016

At its Monday, Sept. 19 meeting, the Wetzel County Board of Education listened to reports on state assessment results for Long Drain School and Hundred High School. The meeting was held at Hundred High School, due to Local School Improvement Council reports from both schools.

Principal Paul Huston reviewed Long Drain’s achievements on the statewide yearly assessment.

Reading Scores on the assessment for each grade level were as follows: third grade, 52 percent at or above mastery; fourth grade, 58 percent; fifth grade, 42 percent; sixth grade, 45 percent; seventh grade, 53 percent; eighth grade, 50 percent.

These scores were generally in alignment with the state and county, and in all cases were higher than such. For instance, fourth graders at LDS scored at 58 percent at or above mastery, while the county and state ranked at 45 and 48 percent.

Third graders had impressive Math Scores on the assessment as well. LDS’ third grade class scored at 57 percent at or above mastery on the statewide assessment. Their peers throughout the county scored at 52 percent, compared to 49 percent throughout the state.

Grades four through eight did not score better than the rest of the county and state on the assessment, though the scores were generally the same.

For example, LDS’ fourth graders scored 32 percent at or above mastery on the assessment, compared to 33 percent, county; and 40 percent state.

The lowest Math scores came from sixth graders, who scored at 16 percent at or above mastery, compared to 18 percent, county; and 29 percent, state.

The average for all grades was 29 percent at or above mastery, compared to 29 percent, county; and 35 percent state.

LDS stayed close to the state average on the Science portion of the test. Fourth graders scored 29 percent, while the county scored 38 percent and the state, 32 percent.

For sixth grade, 39 percent scored at or above mastery, matching the state. The county scored at 32 percent.

LDS used the assessment data for its Local School Improvement Council goals for 2016-2017.

The first goal for the school year was to increase literacy (reading and math) across all grades by 20 percent. Some of the ways mentioned to achieve this goal is through a review of the ICA Pre and Post Data, schoolwide book project, math training, and schoolwide math fraction focus. The second goal was to promote a culture of high expectations and shared mission for staff, students, parents, and the community. A few ways mentioned to achieve this goal was through volunteers, positive behavior program, parent survey, review of discipline data, and a review of the school counseling plan.

Principal Paul Huston also gave a listing of students who scored at a Level 4 on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Those students were as follows: Aiden Daniels, Nathan Perkins, and Kayden Phillips (third grade); Roxie Huggins (fourth grade); Janna Huggins, Ronnie Petrucci, and Jaden Watson (fifth grade); Adalyn Conaway and Christopher Rine (sixth grade); Ronda Petrucci (seventh grade); and Logan Norris, Aaron Stevens, and Adam Stevens (eighth grade).

Principal Huston also honored the following Math Field Day Winners who placed in the county: Roxie Huggins, second place; Ronnie Petrucci, first place; and Everett Johnson, fifth grade.

Accolades also went to Lane Kolat, sixth grade; and Zachary Hostutler, eighth grade; for being part of the all county band.

County social studies fair winners were as follows:

Isaac Price, sixth grade; Keri Shipman, Adalyn Conaway, Hannah Shackleford, sixth grade; Kayla Matthews, seventh grade; and Mahalah Britton (eighth grade), Makenzie Burley (sixth grade), and Allison Hawkins (sixth grade).

Logan Norris was honored for receiving a West Virginia Golden Horseshoe Award, while Casey Henderson (sixth grade) and Roxie Huggins (fourth grade) were honored for their Spelling Bee accomplishments.

Henderson was recognized for being the Wetzel County Spelling Bee Champion, while Roxie Huggins placed third grade in the county.


During Hundred High School’s presentation the following goals and focuses were listed for the 2016-2017 school year: consistent communication, collaboration, clear and consistent expectations, emphasize the whole student, student ownership of the school, and morale building and recognition.

Principal Beth Sigley also mentioned that a crucial part to a successful school is having collaboration among the staff to develop more effective practices. This is done through four primary teams that meet from 7:30-8 a.m. before school. The teams are as follows: academic programs, school safety and discipline, student support programs, and school leadership.

Results of the English Language Arts portion of the West Virginia General Summative Assessment were as follows: ninth grade, 27 percent; 10th grade, 32 percent; and 11th grade, 33 percent.

Math results were: ninth grade, 23 percent; 10th grade, four percent; and 11th grade, seven percent.

Sigley gave three points of the school’s action plan, regarding the results. It was noted that all teachers will use “Step Up to Writing” in their classrooms. Furthermore, teachers are attending the Math Design Collaborative and Literacy Design Collaborative.

Also, the Local School Improvement Council will be working on HHS’ Strategic Plan to further address the weaknesses on the WVGSA and ways to improve.

Sigley noted that the school implemented a positive behavior program last year called “The Hornet Cup.” The program has been very popular popular with students and encourages attendance, behavior and academics as well as healthy competition. Students must meet minimum requirements to be eligible, and students who are ineligible must attend sessions that address the reason they were not permitted to attend. Class and faculty teams compete against each other in various games. Competitions include flag football, basketball, board games, volleyball, video games, whiffle ball, Quiz Bowl, Minute to Win it, etc.

The following 2015-2016 accomplishments were noted: exceeded 90 percent graduation target established by state, named one of Schooldigger’s Top Five Most Improved High Schools, qualified for state science bowl, won back-to-back regional titles for Parliamentary Procedures Team, on state Parliamentary Procedures title and a National Silver Star Award, improved ACT scores by a full point and moved above the county average, had highest Health Education Assessment Project scores in our region and exceeded the WV average by a large margin, had scores in our region and exceeded the WV average by a large margin, grand reserve champions at both the county and state’s ham, bacon, and egg shows, had a regional Social Studies fair champion, mutliple track and field athletes compete at state track meet, new bell schedule that allows students to have extra class opportunities, build partnerships with WVU, Marshall University, and WVNCC, added several Advanced Placement Courses, added Career Technical Education programs in Graphic Design, Broadcasting Technologies, and Visual Arts.

HHS did have some requests for the upcoming school year, including a new and larger pull-down screen in the auditorium, as well as better ventilation in the Home Economics classroom and Hundred Ink classroom. HHS also requested a block storage building, new greenhouse for FFA, and guitars for guitar class, as well as archery in the schools equipment for Physical Education and outdoor club.

The board was thanked for new concrete poured form the back side of the building to the weight room meats lab, and new goal posts at the football field.


HHS Instructor Jeremy Kelch also gave some exciting news regarding the “Outdoor Days,” slated for November.

Outdoor Days will feature air rifle competitions, archery, antler scoring, trapping, trail camera photo, and outdoor photography. Several area schools will compete, including Cameron, Clay Battelle, Hundred, West Greene, Magnolia, Tyler, North Marion, Valley, John Marshall, Gilmer, and Paden City

Outdoor Days will also feature several guest speakers, including John Hammond, WVU Rifle Team Coach. Also speaking will be Robby Gilbert, Trapping Time TV and K.J. Polish, Olympian.