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County Commission Discusses Road Slippage

By Staff | Oct 12, 2016

Wetzel County Commission recently met to view a presentation by Matthew Brake, who is a mechanical engineer representing Swiss Valley Associates. Brake described how the gravel road behind the 4-H cabins has been slipping and needs to be addressed. There was once a culvert in place to help with water runoff, but after complications, the culvert was removed. It was suggested that two culverts be installed further up the hill to help with the erosion problem. There will be some grating done to the road, and there will be a turnaround area widened at the end of the road to allow for larger vehicles to maneuver around.

For an additional $20,000, an additional two to three inches could be removed off the slope of the hillside to prevent future slippage. With the location being behind the 4-H cabins, the commissioners were concerned that future slippage could damage the cabins. The work is set to be performed by Littman Excavating, and the commission planned to continue the discussion at their next meeting.

In another matter, there was a motion passed to sign a three-year agreement to rent a base at the Masonic Lodge for the Magistrate Office.

A motion passed to table the agenda item “Ambulance Authority Membership” until receiving proper documentation.

A motion also passed to allow the commission to sign an application for a VOCA grant in the amount of $40,000.

Finally, there was a motion to authorize the signing of the “Juvenile Assistant Grant” for Valley High School by Commissioner Larry Lemon.

Also, it was noted that the commission took a trip to the Mollohan Center, located at the 4-H grounds, to decide where to add an awning and some street lights to better serve the community.

Also, it was reported that nine people took the civil service test for the county.

There were also many motions made at the meeting, including a motion to allow Quality Aluminum to build a porch roof and rebuild some stairs on the Hundred Senior Center in the amount of 5,640.00. Also, there was a motion to approve the revision of the budget to introduce a new account for Local Emergency Planning Committee. Finally there was a motion to approve of a five year contract with OTIS elevators.