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Community Comes Together to Support Rick Estep

By Staff | Oct 5, 2016

Rick Estep

The community has gathered in full support of one of its own – Rick Estep, who has been battling Pulmonary Hypertension. Estep is currently located at the Pittsburgh Medical Center where he is receiving continuous treatment. Rick has been a dispatcher for well over 20 years and has volunteered for EMS for many years. He wrote and obtained numerous grants for the New Martinsville Police Department. He was key in the remodel and upgrade of the dispatch office at NMPD and he has also helped the county’s Relay for Life event, by organizing the Harlem Rockets game every year.

Breanna Herrick has been baking and selling cupcakes in an effort to help raise money for the family’s expenses while they go through such a tribulation. Breanna hereslf managed to bake 704 cupcakes and raised $1,556. When asked about the endeavor, Herrick’s mother, Frannie said that Breanna, “just wanted to make around a couple hundred dollars” to help out her friend, Rick. However, she far exceeded her expectations. There have been several people that, due to diet restrictions, did not even purchase cupcakes but still wanted to support the Estep family with donations.

The New Martinsville’s Moose Lodge has donated a check in the amount of $500 to be placed in an account with Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union, which was set up to help fulfill Estep’s final wish of sending his family to Disney World. Estep had always wanted to take them there, but was unable to. With the help of supporters, Rick’s dream will become a reality.

The Bayer account is under the name “Rick Estep Family Benefit,” and the account number is 5097223.

A Dip Dinner Fundraiser is also being held Oct. 22, 3-6 p.m. at the New Martinsville Church of God by Wal-Mart.

Rich Erlewine, of New Martinsville’s Moose Lodge, hands New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil a check to be placed in a special bank account for Rick Estep and his family. Photo by Chad Turner

“Everyday is a struggle. If not physically, emotionally and mentally. The doctors are trying their best to figure out how to help him, but in the process, they usually find other things wrong. But his faith is strong and the community has been so supportive. We all just take it day by day and know God will carry him through these tough times” quoted Rick’s niece Jessica Owens.

Breanna Herrick bakes cupcakes for her friend, Rick Estep, who is battling pulmonary hypertension. Photo by Chad Turner