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Time Capsule Set To Make History

By Staff | Sep 7, 2016

The Wetzel County Time Capsule will be given the final seal on Oct. 1. (Photo by Chad Turner)

Thanks to the support of the Wetzel County Commission, and the help of the community, there will be a time capsule monument built in front of the Wetzel County Courthouse, not to be opened for 100 years.

The monument has been designed with four separate seals to ensure the remnants inside will stay protected due to the fact that the time capsule lies within the hundred year flood plane of the Ohio River.

The capsule itself is designed with a secure seal in place. Next, there will be an inverted sleeve that is designed to hold an air pocket around the capsule, similar to holding a cup upside down under water. Once the inverted sleeve and time capsule are placed inside the monument, there will be another concrete seal poured around the main chamber. Finally, there is to be a granite capstone placed and sealed on top of the monument.

There will also be a drying agent placed inside the capsule to reduce the amount of moisture. The hopes are that with these protective measures taken, water damage will be as minimal as possible.

The time capsule committee has been gathering information to be placed on special archive DVDs that have a projected life of 100 years or more. There will also be a DVD player placed in the capsule for the purpose of viewing the DVDs in the future, and there will be information stored on zip drives and SD cards. The hope is that with the stored information being saved on different devices, future citizens may be able to view at least one, or all, of the included data.

Along with digitally stored information, there will be the inclusion of year books from the county’s four high schools. Letters from seniors, of the Class of 2016, will be placed in the capsule to let the senior class of 2116 have some idea of what life was like for a senior of today.

In addition, there will be Sunday bulletins from local churches, current newspapers, and magazines. There will be a variety of smaller items such as coins, reading glasses, a pocket watch, and a collection of business cards from some of the local businesses. A CD of the year’s Grammy winning tunes will be added to give reference to our current styles of music. Finally, a Bible and an American flag, along with lapel pins from local organizations such as the Moose, VFW, police departments, fire departments, and any other organizations that would like to take part will be included.

The time capsule committee encourages further entries from the public, noting that it is an exciting feeling to sit and ponder the future and the possibilities it holds… Will there still be newspapers? Will there be a cure for cancer? How will the fossil fuel situation pan out? In modern times we think that we can predict outcomes more than we have ever been able to do. Let’s put this notion to the test. Create your own predictions, tell the history of your family, or just take a stab at how you feel technology will change over the next 100 years. All entries are encouraged and the committee would love to have input from every member of the county.

Wetzel Countians may submit personal history, family history, or even future predictions. These letters are designed to be read in one hundred years so it is possible that the writer’s great-grandchildren may read the writer’s own handwritten words. The committee asks that all entries be one thousand words or less and that all entries be received by September 15th. Entries can be mailed to Wetzel County Time capsule Project, 317 N. Main St. New Martinsville, WV 26155 or you may e-mail them to wetzelcountytimecapsule@outlook.com. There is also a facebook page set up for the project that is worth checking out. The capsule will be placed inside the monument and given a final seal on Oct. 1.

All items mailed to the project will become property of the Time Capsule Project and so original documents should not be sent in, only copies. Also, physical space will be limited inside so it is suggested that everything be sent in electronically in order for mass storage. Depending on the amount of material donated for inclusion, much of the information will be digitized along with the physical copies to help better utilize space in the capsule.

The Wetzel County Commission will help fund the project and are accepting donations from groups or individuals that would like to help fund the project. Checks can be made out to the Wetzel County Visitor Bureau, memo to Wetzel County Time Capsule Project and mailed to Wetzel County Time Capsule Project, 317 N. Main St., New Martinsville, WV 26155.

The completion of that project has only been possible with the help of the County’s Visitors Beau (CVB), Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce, Artslink, Iron Workers Worker’s, Dan Muhurin, Matt Bland and Carl Schmalz for their help with the monuments construction. The Axiall Natrium Plant and members of the International Chemical workers local 45, Ben Nice and Nathan Anderson for building the capsule that will secure the information with the monument and Tremendous Tree Trimming, Ryan Yost and Charles (Ace) Curus for operating equipment donated by Bridgeport Rental. Alan Miller owner of A-L concrete and his crew, Tyler Baker, Rick Roberts and Justin Roberts for donation time and expertise to the concrete construction of the monument. Also supporting the project, Hatfield Graphic, Ace Hardware, Boswell Mounts and ESSROC Concrete Company. Without the support of these local business and the generosity of people the project could not have been complete.

For further information on the time capsule, individuals may contact Chuck Clegg, Earl Yost, or Fran Caldwell.