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Fire Destroys Home

By Staff | Aug 3, 2016

Firefighters had a difficult time fighting this fire Friday, until the flames tore through the roof. Photo by Chad Turner

There was a structure fire on Friday July 29th located just behind Joe’s Tire in New Martinsville. New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department was the first to arrive on scene to put out the fire.

The fire originated in the attic of the building and quickly burned a hole through the roof. Local fire fighters attacked the fire by entering the building but the fire had raged out of control too quickly.

At the Monday, Aug. 8 meeting of New Martinsville’s city council, Fire Chief Larry Couch explained, “there were low numbers of people, but they did a wonderful job.”

“There were about seven or eight fire fighters there. They tried to make an interior attack on the fire, but it was just way too hot so they couldn’t get it knocked down. It did break through the roof. We were able to get control of it after that.”

Couch went on to compliment the helpfulness of neighbors.

“They helped out the fire fighters,” he said. “They made sure the fire fighters had water and Gatorade to drink. It was very nice, nice to see that.”

No one was in the building during the fire and none of the volunteers sustained any injuries. There was some minor melting of the siding to the house next door but thanks to the quick responses of the local VFD, damage was held to a minimum.