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WCSWA Collects 300,000 Pounds Of Recyclables

By Staff | Jul 13, 2016

At the Thursday, July 7 meeting of the Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority, Executive Director Terri Tyler gave a report regarding the county’s recycling program. Tyler said more than 300,000 pounds of recycling had been collected from July 2015 to July 2016. This included 225,512.5 pounds of recyclables collected at Saturday recycling and 91,512.5 pounds of recyclables collected from the schools and other miscellaneous sources.

Authority member Larry Edgell praised the countywide litter cleanup crew for all of the hard work it had done throughout the county. Tyler remarked that the crew has picked up over 1,000 bags of litter.

She added that the community cleanup is an endeavor by several organizations, including Solid Waste Services, Department of Highways, and West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. She salso credited the Wetzel County Commission for funding the project.

“If it wasn’t for them, we couldn’t do any of this,” she said.

Also, Tyler noted that the sheriff’s department had recently addressed an issue regarding the dumping of litter outside of Paden City. She noted that an area resident had left garbage bags thrown in a wide spot, set off from the road. She said the sheriff’s department was able to find the address of the individual, through searching the garbage bags.

In another matter, Tyler said the authority had spent $5,964.58 on community clean-ups but added that the expenditure was money well spent. The community cleanup yielded 15,000 pounds of materials in New Martinsville alone, 12,000 pounds coming from Brooklyn. For Paden City there were 9,880 pounds of materials collected, and Pine Grove had 13,700 pounds of materials collected. The community cleanup also yieldd 7,381 pounds worth of white goods collected.

“The community cleanups are very well received and everyone appreciates them,” Tyelr noted.

During the time set aside for public comment, New Martinsville Councilman Jeremy Shepherd had expressed appreciation for the solid waste authority’s assistance with the recent community cleanup, especially the Brooklyn area. Shepherd noted that residents on the west side of the railroad tracks would like a cleanup conducted in their area. He suggested that the city pay for part of the dumpsters but noted that he knew the authority was low on funds.

Authority Member Mark Cochran noted that if individuals would bring cardboard, catalogs, plastic, magazines, steel cans, and glass to recycling, it would “reduce weekly garbage to practically nothing.”

In other WCSWA matters, the authority decided to look into holding a training from the ethics commission. Tyler noted that the ethics commission will conduct a training for free, but “they aren’t going to do it for just five people.”

It was noted that other local entities – city councils, school boards, and others – could also take part in the training.

It was decided that the authority would gauge the interest of other entities and then submit a request for the training.

Tyler also recommended the authority members pursue a Lunch and Learn session that is going to be conducted by the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce and West Virginia Northern Community College on July 26, noon. This session will be held at the college and will feature a gentleman from the auditor’s office. Tyler said the Open Meetings Act will be discussed.

Also, New Martinsville City Councilwoman Iris Isaacs complimented the authority on its actions at the July meeting. She referenced her disappointments with the authority at previous meetings. “It really bothers me that this solid waste authority has debt because of one or two people. There were open meetings guidelines not being followed.”

Isaacs warned the authority, “I’ll be watching you guys. I have a lot more faith that this will be done right, and I appreciate what all of you are doing, but I will be watching. I won’t play games,” she warned.