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New Wetzel County BOE Members Are Sworn In

By Staff | Jul 13, 2016

A new superintendent and three new board members were sworn in at the Tuesday, July 5 meeting of the Wetzel County Board of Education. Superintendent Ed Toman was first sworn in by Jo Beth Simmons; Simmons then swore in Board Members Bill Jones, Warren Grace, and Amy Cooley.

After the board members were sworn in, the board then held elections for president and vice president. Board Member Jones recommended Grace. This measure was seconded by Board Member Mike Blair and approved unanimously.

Blair then recommended Jones as the board’s vice president. Board Member Joshua Balcerek seconded the measure, which was then approved unanimously.

Superintendent Toman mentioned that he had spoken to school administrative personnel regarding opportunities to support flood victims of southern West Virginia. Toman said he had spoken with Director of Facilities Brian Jones regarding the donation of materials such as older busses and kitchen wares.

Jones remarked that the board had declared some vehicles as surplus, two of those school buses. Jones said the board had not notified anyone about being a successful bidder, “and seeing we could benefit a county within, I think we can do that…”

Board Member Blair inquired as to whether or not Wetzel County Schools had any extra athletic equipment.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Shane Highley noted that Shortline School no longer has a football program and suggested the extra football equipment might benefit a school impacted by the floods, such as Clay County.

“I’d like to see us do as much as we can do,” Grace remarked to the board.

Also at the meeting, specific members were appointed to the following committees: RESA 6, Jones; 4-H Extension Services, Cooley; Mid-Ohio Valley Technical Institute Advisory Council, Grace; WVSBA Committee of ’55, Grace.

In another matter, the board revisited the issue of Policy JFCI: Student Random Drug Testing Policy for Students Involved in the Career Technical Education Simulated Workplace and “Non-CTE Participants.”

Director of Secondary and Vocational Education Tammy Wells is author of the policy. Wells noted that a change to the policy regarded the second offense. She said that for a student’s second offense, proof must be provided that the student is receiving counseling at a drug treatment program.

Upon requested for further information, from President Grace, Wells noted that the the West Virginia Policy for Simulated Workplace requires that the school boards have a random drug-testing policy for students involved in career technical education. The deadline for the policy is imminent.

“So this is no surprise to anybody, right?” Grace questioned.

Wells replied in the affirmative, stating that the school system had received advice from other schools. She added that the policy had an excellent committee behind it, with a lot of work and thought going into the policy.