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New Martinsville Council Officials Aiming to Clean Up City

By Staff | Jul 13, 2016

New Martinsville city council met on Tuesday, July 5 to discuss some of the main topics of the city under its newly elected officials. After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, council members approved the June minutes and then gave the floor to the public to voice their concerns.

Lucille Blum addressed the council about some of the mismanaged properties within the city limits that have become eye sores and have lacked in upkeep.

“What can we do to make our citizens want to make New Martinsville the ‘Parlor City’ again,” Blum inquired.

Several concerns were voiced by the public over the appearance of Brooklyn and the amount of cleanup that needs to be done in that area. Many citizens are running out of patience due FEMA trailers. These trailers were supposed to be moved, yet have not been and are in need of repairs.

A committee had been formed a long time ago to address the issue; however, due to liability issues complaints must be filed in order to take action. There are forms available to the public which address nuisance properties, and there is a process to go through in order to make progress. However, council feels that in time there can be a positive resolution.

It was noted that Mayor Steve Bohrer is on a mission to clean up the city, including getting Main Street up to code, making renovations to Lewis-Wetzel park, and cleaning up dilapidated properties. There were discussions of a spring and fall cleanup and alternate methods of getting citizens to take responsibility for their properties including lawn care, building upkeep, and garbage removal.

A resolution for Land and Water Grant was also passed. The resolution is for the Lewis-Wetzel bathhouse renovations and front entrance repairs. The city must match half of the funds and the other half would be provided by the state to get the project under construction.

A resolution to declare the week of July 25-July 30 as Missoula Children’s Theatre passed. New Martinsville joined communities nationwide in participating in this program in order to expose local children to one week of theater experience.

The concern of event planning was also addressed. It had been decided that there must be more of a notice of event planning to allow city members time to set up proper vending locations and to allow a plan for the running of electricity to be put into effect. This allows for a safer and more effective way of setting up vendors.

There was also a discussion to add alternate boat launches into the Ohio River. This would allow for less crowding during fishing tournaments and holiday traffic and may reduce the amount of accidents.