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Paden City Addresses Sewage Issues

By Staff | Jul 6, 2016

Paden City held a council meeting Tuesday, June 28 to discuss the upcoming sewer project. There has been an new sewer plant computer delivered, paid for, and installed. Additionally, a hoist made by Shutler Fabricators has also been delivered and a motion was made to allow the installation of the hoist.

In another matter, Paden City council agreed to allow an accountant to make calculations to see whether or not the city has enough money to meet the obligations regarding the sewer plant upgrades.

Mayor John “Hoppy” Hopkins went on to explain, “What has happened is that we were on track to get started on this project pretty soon; because of the delays due to interest rates and so on, the numbers that came from the accountant were stale… It’s gonna hold the project up about 30 days and cost around 10,000 dollars.”

Eric Sherrard appeared on behalf of Thrasher Engineering to answer any questions the public had regarding the sewer project. He claimed that the project is ready to begin after Public Service Commission clearance. The majority of the work will be down Sturgeon Alley, replacing sewer line where it lays. There will also be a storm line put in place to help alleviate overflow problems. Thrasher wants to minimize the impact as much as possible. In fact, Sherrard recommends that homeowners take photos of their property so that replace roads and lawns can be replaced back to their original state.

Sherrard explained that the project will eliminate septic tanks. Those will be filled and homes will be connected to the city line, as there are not supposed to be any septic tanks on municipal property. With the addition of larger pipes and storm drain lines, Thrasher hopes that this will fix the overflow and sewer gas issues.

The city also approved the purchase of 200 drainage tiles, along with the purchase of a new rim for a city used tractor. A motion was also made for the purchase of a desk for the utility office. The table would be purchased three-way amongst Sanitary Board, Water, and General Funds. This motion will be presented at the council meeting at the beginning of the month for approval. The city is also looking into the purchase of a new air compressor. Estimates will be tallied and brought before council at its next meeting.