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Commission Talks Litter Collection

By Staff | Jun 29, 2016

Photo Provided Shown are the current workers busily traveling the county to pick up litter along the roadways. Left to right are Andrew Dennis, Andy Anderson, Brandi Buchanan, Alex Glover, Alex Anderson, Darren Buchanan and Archie Petin.

The Wetzel County Commission held a meeting on Tuesday, June 21 to discuss various matters throughout the county.

Terri Tyler, from the Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority, provided the commission with an update regarding the countywide cleanup by a litter crew. The wages for the crew had previously been approved by the commission. Since then, the crew was hired and and have been cleaning Wetzel County’s public highways along Routes 2, 180, 20, and 7. Between May 16 to June 8, the crew had collected 665 bags of garbage, adding up to 5,840 pounds.

The workers consist of Brandi Buchanan, Darren Buchanan, Andy Anderson, Alex Anderson, Alex Glover, Andrew Dennis, and Archie Petin. The crew has been working diligently, and safely, to keep the county’s roads debris free. Tyler said the crew puts up signs to notify oncoming traffic of the crew’s work area. Each worker also wears bright colored vests to be clearly visible to traffic, and litter grabbers are used to avoid gathering trash, and possible dangerous materials, by hand.

The program is set to run at least through the first week of August. Tyler reported that the funding for the project has held out great, with the Department of Environmental Protection aiding in the cost of a roll-off, set aside specifically for the highway trash.

Unfortunately, the workers have had to clean certain hot spots more often due to the continuation of public littering.

“We need to figure out a long term solution to the problem,” Commissioner Don Mason noted.

In another matter, Jim Glasscock, of the Folsom Volunteer Fire Department, addressed the commission regarding the closure of Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department. Smithfield VFD failed inspection due to gear, hoses, and uniforms being outdated. The town of Folsom would like to take over the VFD as a substation for the community, and they are asking for state and local funding. The VFD is a 501c3 non-profit organization working directly with volunteers; however, these volunteers will need to be trained and certified, adding to the costs of the project. They would also need new air packs, along with new bunker gear. Each air pack is estimated at around $5,000, and the bunker gear is estimated at around $3,000.

The commission did not make a decision on the matter.

The motion to reappoint Sarah Boley to the Workforce Investment Board was passed as well as a motion to fund the Gabriel Project in the amount of 5,000 dollars.

The next commission meeting was set for June 28.