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Bradley Enters Alford Plea

By Staff | Jun 1, 2016

James Robert Bradley, 45, pleaded guilty Tuesday, May 31, by way of Alford, to one count of displaying obscene material to a minor.

The plea was entered before Judge Jeffrey Cramer.

Bradley stated he had entered into the plea to avoid the maximum penalty, which could have been five years.

Bradley, of Post Office Box 9, Reader, was sentenced to one year in prison, but this sentence was suspended, and he will receive five years of supervised probation for the offense instead.

He was also ordered to pay cost of prosecution and restitution to the victim.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Carl “Worthy” Paul said, if the case had went to trial, the state would’ve argued that on June 28, 2014 Bradley showed a video to the victim that included pornography.

The video was tested and found to have evidence consistant with the minor victim’s statement.