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Blizzard Charged In Jail Incident

By Staff | May 18, 2016

New Martinsville resident Ethan Tyler Blizzard, 21, of 131 S. Main St., New Martinsville, faces a charge of felony conspiracy to inflict injury, stemming from an alleged incident that occurred earlier this month at Northern Regional Jail. Blizzard is one of four inmates charged in an alleged sexual assault.

West Virginia State Police responded to the jail in Moundsville May 1. At 12:30 a.m., the responding trooper received a call from a sergeant at the facility stating an inmate had been assaulted in his cell and wanted to press charges.

When the trooper arrived at the jail, the alleged victim stated that just before breakfast, four fellow inmates entered his cell. According to a criminal complaint, Joshua Thomas Curtis, 21, of 257 Putnam Ave., Weirton, threatened the other inmate before grabbing his legs and pulling him off his bunk with the help of Robert Scott Tingler, 31, of Grove City, Ohio.

Curtis then allegedly grabbed the other inmate’s genitals through his pants and forcefully squeezed.

The alleged victim was able to hit the intercom button in his cell to ask for help from guards, but Tingler then used the same button and told the guards not to come in, threatening them.

Randall Parks Sanford, 26, of 40 Garvins Lane, Moundsville, and Blizzard allegedly stood in the doorway laughing, while obstructing the door to prevent the alleged victim from leaving.

According to the complaint, the trooper observed the alleged victim’s genitals were bruised and noted he was visibly shaken.

Curtis is charged with felony first-degree sexual abuse, while Tingler, Sanford and Blizzard are charged with felony conspiracy to inflict injury.

In April, Blizzard was sentenced to one to 15 years in prison for possession of heroin.