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Family Holds Donation Drive for Pet Rescue

By Staff | May 4, 2016


For many of us, our animals are our family. This was definitely the case for the Owens family of Paden City. So needless to say, when their 8-month-old German Shepherd pup, Kilo, was killed on Friday, April 23, wife and mother Jessica Owens didn’t know how she would get move past the heartache.

It was a stormy afternoon when Kilo and Jessica’s other dog, Anja, escaped the family’s backyard fence. Jessica posted a plea on Facebook, asking those in the neighborhood to be on the lookout for her dogs. Anja was recovered and returned home safely; unfortunately, the same could not be said for Kilo.

The community has mourned the loss of Kilo and shared in the heartbreak with the Owens family, which includes New Martinsville Police Department Officer Michael Owens and Michael and Jessica’s son, Kale.

Despite their extreme sadness and heartache, Jessica and family have channeled their slew of emotions into creating something positive.

In the time since Kilo’s death, Jessica has collected 15 containers of cat litter, 30 gallons of bleach, 22 containers of laundry detergent, 112 rolls of paper towels, 45 bottles of Clorox wipes, 47 food bowls, 45 collars, 22 leashes, 24 containers of Dawn, and more than 700 pounds of dog/cat food … all for Tyler County’s Olive Branch Animal Rescue.

This does not include treats, scoopers, brushes, or air fresheners also collected.

Jessica refuses to focus on the negativity of Kilo’s death.

In a recent public post to social media, Jessica stated, “(This drive) has kept my mind so busy that I have not had time to think about revenge or spite. Whatever the reason was that it happened is behind us. If her death is going to help save other animals, I have to accept that reason. Life happens for a reason.”

The Olive Branch Donation Drive In Honor of Kilo Owens can be accessed on Facebook by the same name. On the page, Jessica notes that the following items can be donated: bleach, Dawn dish soap, paper towels, collars of all sizes, water bowls, laundry detergent, pet safe Glade air fresheners, toys, leashes, Purina dog and cat chow, Purina gentle for older animals, disposable gloves, non-scented, (clumping) cat litter. Monetary donations are also accepted. Anything can be mailed or dropped off at 142 East Robinson Street, Paden City, WV 26159

Jessica thanks those who have donated, stating “It is in memory of our dog, but you all are who is making this dream a reality. We appreciate the kind words, but truly, we are doing nothing special alone.”

Kilo might have only lived eight short months; however -as exemplified by the Owens family actions now – without a doubt, she lived a life full of love.