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Time Capsule Being Planned

By Staff | Apr 13, 2016

Photo Provided Chuck Clegg submitted this design of what the Wetzel County Time Capsule will look like at its completion.

The Wetzel County Commission has announced the creation of The Wetzel County Time Capsule Project. This monument will be built with the intended goal to be opened in 100 years after its sealing.

The time capsule has been designed to fit within a chamber inside the monument. On the day of its dedication the capsule will be placed inside and sealed. The concrete monument will be fabricated with the knowledge flood waters will cover the structure in the future. Portions of the projects construction will be done by members of local trade labor unions.

The monument, when completed, will be located just north of Levi Morgan’s statue. Since it is being constructed within the Ohio River’s flood zone, four separate seals have been incorporated into its design. First, the capsule has been planned with a secure seal to prevent leakage during its 100 year enclosure. Secondly, the capsule will be covered with a sleeve that will be inverted to form an air pocket around the capsule. Once the capsule and inverted sleeve are placed inside the concrete monument, a third seal made of concrete will be poured, sealing the main chamber. And finally, the granite capstone will be placed on top of the monument and sealed.

During the coming months, the time capsule committee will be soliciting items to be placed inside the capsule. Most of the information placed inside will be digitized onto special archive DVD discs that have a projected life of 100 years or more. Also placed within the capsule will be a DVD player. The information will also be placed on thumb drives and SD Cards. It is the committee’s hope, by preserving the information in different ways, it will be possible for the citizens of the future to review the information on one, or all, of these digital storage devices. The capsule will also have a drying agent to reduce moisture and prevent damage. Items placed within the capsule will be individually enclosed in acid free sleeves.

Along with the digital stored information the plans are to include a yearbook from each of the county’s four high schools. A Sunday bulletin from each of the county’s churches will be included, along with copies of current newspapers and magazines. Small items such as a pocket watch, reading glasses, and assortment of pocket coins will be included. To give people of the next century some idea of the music of our day, a CD of the Grammy winning songs of the year will be included. Business cards from the county’s many different businesses will also be placed inside. A temperature chart of the previous year’s seasonal changes will be included. We also hope to collect lapel pins from local organizations such as; the Moose, VFW, local police departments, fire departments and any organization that would like to have some small commemorative item to be included. Also an American flag along with a picture of the Veterans Wall will be placed inside.

Communities in the county are asked to contribute information, pictures or stories to be digitized and placed in the capsule. Wetzel County is rich with history. The committee is hoping to include yesterday’s history, along with a glimpse of what the county’s people are today. With that in mind, the committee-s goal is to give as many of the county’s citizens the opportunity to place digitized information within the capsule.

The project is being partially funded by the Wetzel County Commission. The committee is also accepting donations from groups or individuals who would like to help finance the project. Checks can be made out to the Wetzel County Visitor Bureau, Memo to: Wetzel County Time Capsule Project. Please send to Wetzel County Time Capsule Project, 317 N. Main St., New Martinsville, WV 26155

The dedication and sealing of the monument will be in late summer or early fall. A final date will be determined when more of the details are finalized in the building of the monument. For further information, interested individuals may contact: Chuck Clegg, Earl Yost and Fran Caldwell.

Members of the committee will be traveling to communities in the county to take pictures and possibly even video from a drone. It would be helpful if a contact number could be had for someone in the community to be notified prior to the committee’s visit.

Citizens of Wetzel County will also have an opportunity to have their thoughts and words to be included in the capsule. In four hundred words or less, citizens may write about their families or predict the future in one hundred years. Please remember, these letters will be opened to the public, so future generations may read them. It is a possibility an individual’s great-grandchildren may read the words his or her great-grandfather or great-grandmother have written.

Please type or print thoughts or memories and send them by email or mail to the address listed below. The committee reserves the right as to all items that are to be placed into the capsule.

All articles must be received no later than July 15, 2016. Please send to: Wetzel County Time Capsule Project, 317 N. Main St. New Martinsville, 26155. Or you may email them to wetzelcounty


The space inside the capsule will be very limited. The members of the committee will have final determination of the time capsules contents, both digital and material items. It is hoped by digitizing pictures, letters and information, a great deal can be stored on the capsule’s electronic storage media. Only a very limited amount of physical items will be placed inside.

All items will become the property of the Time Capsule Project when submitted. Please do not send original pictures or historical information.

Please forward only copies of the originals.