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Pa. Man Arrested For Heroin Possession

By Staff | Mar 23, 2016

Michael Strohmeyer, Jr., of Pennsylvania, was arrested early Monday morning for possession of heroin.

A traffic stop executed in Littleton, and the subsequent arrest, was the result of a collaborative effort between Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office and West Virginia State Police.

Strohmeyer was found with half a brick, or 23 stamps, of heroin; he was charged with felony possession with intent to deliver heroin. Furthermore, Strohmeyer is wanted in Pennsylvania for failure to appear on drug-related charges.

Sergeant Jeff Shriver of the WVSP stated that local law enforcement, including the state police and sheriff’s office, has been receiving more information from the public to help stop the heroin problem.

“We are acting on the public’s tips, whether it is 100 percent credible or partial,” Shriver stated. “We take any tips we get in regards to heroin trafficking in the Wetzel County area. Sometimes they pan out and sometimes they don’t.”

“It was a good joint effort with the sheriff’s department and state police to help rid our community of the heroin problem we have,” Shriver added.

Koontz echoed Shriver’s sentiments on the importance of public involvement. “I would urge anyone in the public that has information regarding any type of drug activity to please call the sheriff’s department, state police, or local law enforcement,” Koontz said. “We need their help.”

He added, “I’m very pleased with the cooperation between the sheriff’s office and state police in this particular case.”

Officers credited for Monday’s arrest include WCSO Chief Deputy Mike Koontz, Deputies Randy Adams and Mike Neff, K-9 Major, along with WVSP Sergeant Shriver, Trooper Benjamin Justice and Trooper W.N. Beck.