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Anderson, Blizzard Plead Guilty to Heroin Offenses

By Staff | Mar 23, 2016

Two Wetzel County individuals, involved with one of the largest drug seizures in Wetzel County history, pleaded guilty to their offenses Friday in Wetzel County Circuit Court.

Ethan Tyler Blizzard, 21, and Tami Lynn Anderson, 39, both of New Martinsville, each pleaded guilty to one information count of possession of heroin with intent to deliver.

Anderson received a prison sentence of one to 15 years.

Blizzard reserved the right to argue sentencing. Therefore, he will return to court April 21, 3 p.m. for sentencing.

On Jan. 19 an indictment was unsealed in open court, charging Ethan Tyler Blizzard, with delivery of a controlled narcotic substance (heroin) and conspiracy to deliver a controlled narcotic substance (heroin).

After making bond in this case, Blizzard was then arrested and charged on Jan. 25 with possession of a controlled substance, heroin, with intent to deliver.

Blizzard admitted to the offense Friday in court, stating “I purchased heroin, and I knew it was against the law.”

“You possessed it?” Cramer questioned.

Blizzard said yes and added, when asked, that he intended to give “some of it” to someone else.

Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Haught stated that Blizzard, along with his co-defendant, had traveled out of state to purchase a large quantity of heroin.

“A search warrant was obtained based on credible information, and he had in his possession, when arrested, 675 stamp bags of heroin,” Haught stated.

Haught noted that even at one of the most inexpensive prices for heroin, the value of the heroin Blizzard and his co-defendant possessed, was between $3,000 and $6,000. Furthermore, the duo had $1,293 in United States currency.

Haught said the state was agreeing to dismiss Blizzard’s charges handed down from the January 2016, per the terms of the plea agreement.

Anderson’s attorney, Brett Ferro, noted that in return for Anderson’s plea in Wetzel County, charges against her in Marshall County would be dismissed. Anderson’s plea was an Alford/Kennedy plea, meaning she did not openly admit guilt but agreed that pleading guilty was in her best interests.

On his Wetzel County Prosecuting Attorney Facebook page, Prosecutor Haught credited New Martinsville Police Department Chief Tim Cecil, Detective Donnie Harris, along with Officers Jason Utt and Mike Owens for their hard work on the case.

Chief Cecil had also previously credited the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for assisting the NMPD, which also included the assistance of K-9 Neron.