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Renovations Needed For Little League Area in Pine Grove

By Staff | Mar 16, 2016

Photo Provided Pine Grove resident Joey Barker said that he, and others, have worked on renovations at Pine Grove’s parks for several weekends. These specific renovations will benefit the area’s little league program.

Wetzel County residents Bill Goodrich and Joey Barker are hoping to complete some renovations to Pine Grove’s park prior to the beginning of the area’s little league on April 1.

“We took over little league this year, and we have multiple things we have in mind. Every weekend we have been doing renovations. We are there painting, cleaning up, trimming trees, putting new fence up, and all kinds of things,” Barker explained.

To help with the facelift, the Wetzel County Commissioners generously approved a request for a $9,000 donation, which will be used to build a batting cage and purchase new fencing. Barker said the commission was “very generous and very positive” regarding his and Goodrich’s endeavor.

Barker said he hopes the whole community will be able to take advantage of the improvements, especially the batting cage.

Furthermore, kids involved with little league hail from Pine Grove, Reader, Jacksonburg, Porter’s Fall, and communities on Route 7. A whopping 100 to 120 kids have signed up for little league.

The improvements won’t conclude this year either. Barker said next year Goodrich and himself hope to “completely redo the fields.”

“They don’t drain correctly, and if it rains, it fills the field with water,” Barker explained.

Barker also hopes to eventually upgrade the electricity at the park.

For those who wish to help or donate, Barker can be reached at 740-525-3384.

Donations can also be mailed to the following address: Shortline Youth Baseball/Softball, P.O. Box 185, Pine Grove, W.Va. 26419