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Renaud Offering To Train CPR

By Staff | Jan 6, 2016

Ray Renaud

With the start of a new year, many individuals make health-related resolutions. What better way to supplement a health-related resolution than by adding CPR training? Learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can save the life of someone in cardiac arrest. That life could very well be the life of a family member or friend. Approximately 424,000 individuals die from cardiac arrest each year. Eighty-eight percent of these deaths occur at home.

Local EMT Ray Renaud of the Wetzel County Office of Emergency Management has trained over 100 people in CPR since becoming an American Heart Association CPR instructor three years ago. Renaud is always willing to teach more.

“Time is the most critical element in resuscitating someone that is in cardiac arrest,” Renaud has stated, noting that Wetzel County is a rural county that results in long response times by emergency responders. Renaud stated that bystander CPR can be the difference between life and death before responders arrive.

Renaud, like other CPR instructors, can adjust a CPR course to fit the preferences of a student. Course type can vary from courses that provide a course completion card to shorter courses. Renaud has brought training mannequins to public events to show citizens the principals of CPR and to allow the learners to practice on a mannequin.

Thanks to West Virginia Senate Bill 7, which went into effect July 1, all middle and high school students are now required to learn CPR.

“I taught a couple of classes at a middle school and was impressed with the enthusiasm of the students and how quickly they learned CPR,” Renaud noted.

For more information on CPR and to search for CPR training courses, check out www.cpr.heart.org

Wetzel County 911 also can give instructions for doing CPR over the phone to an individual who calls 911 for a cardiac arrest.