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Wells Provides Board With Assessments

By Staff | Dec 30, 2015

Director of Student Assessment Tammy Wells provided the Wetzel County Board of Education, at its Dec. 21 meeting, with a presentation on Assessments, including recent changes in assessments taken by Wetzel County Schools’ students.

Wells said Wetzel County Schools now administer Interim Comprehensive Assessments and Interim Assessment Blocks. Furthermore, students now take the ELPA 21, which is the English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st century. This test has replaced the WESTELL test.

Wells noted that the ACT Explore and Plan tests are no longer administered. The Explore test was used to help eighth and ninth graders prepare for high school courses, prepare for the ACT, and choose a career direction. The PLAN test was used by 10th graders to prepare for the ACT.

Also, the WV College and Career Readiness Assessment has replaced the ACT Compass.

Wells stated that there are no longer classroom activities on the West Virginia General Summative Assessment, which takes two hours off of the time frame. Also, WorkKeys has now been replaced by WIN, the Worldwide Interactive Network.

Wells also explained several assessments which have not changed in Wetzel County Schools. These assessments include the STAR assessment, Read 180, Golden Horseshoe, APTA for Science, and Dynamic Learning Maps for English Language Arts and Math.

For 2014-2015, the estimated total time spent on assessments was 39.92 hours. The time spent on assessments for the 2015-2016 is estimated to be 40.75 hours.

Board President Mike Blair questioned as to whether the Interim Comprehensive Assessment aligns perfectly with the WV General Summative Assessment.

Wells noted that the ICA mimics exactly the WV GSA in the way the GSA is administered and in the way the items look, as well as the way students take it.

Wells added that the ICA helps a student get as close as possible to the GSA. For teachers, the ICA gives a report that can be used for their class.

Blair inquired as to why it is beneficial for students to take the ICA.

“To me the biggest benefit, for students, would be that they can see what kind of items are on the GSA. If I was a student, that would be important to me,” Wells stated.