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Costs Approved For Officers’ Lab Training

By Staff | Dec 30, 2015

At their Dec. 22 meeting, the Wetzel County Commission approved to cover the costs for two Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office deputies to attend a Meth Lab Special Operations training. The commission also paid the course cost for two New Martinsville Police Department officers to attend the training.

Chief Deputy Mike Koontz of the WCSO stated that the cost to send two people to the cost would be $2,300 total. Koontz stated this amount would cover the cost of food, the cost of the hotel room, and the cost of the class itself for the two county officers.

Koontz said he spoke to a representative from Merit Training Programs, which provides the course. Koontz said he had told the representative that he would be sending an officer who is on the county’s Special Response Team.

“He said that would be perfect, and that is what the course is geared toward,” Koontz stated.

New Martinsville Councilman Jeff Wright said the city would be able to budget motel rooms and food allowances for the two NMPD officers to attend the training, but was having issues paying for the course.

“We are having some concerns with money to pay registration,” Wright remarked.

Commission Vice President Larry Lemon noted that the NMPD would be able to assist the sheriff’s department with calls.

Koontz agreed, adding there was already a mutual aid agreement in place.

“As long as we call for assistance, NMPD can come out and help. They can’t issue a citation though,” Koontz said.

“I think it is good to have four people trained in this in the county,” Commission President Bob Gorby stated. “The sheriff’s department can help in the city anytime.”

Wright thanked the commission for agreeing to pay for the cost of the course for the two officers.

“You’ve given us a lot of help,” he stated.

“It’ll work out well,” Gorby noted. “There should be four trained in this.”