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Gibb Given Fellow Award

By Staff | Dec 23, 2015

Bev Gibb

New Martinsville Parks and Recreation Director Beverly Gibb was recently awarded the John G. Scherlacher Fellow Ward, the highest award given by the West Virginia Recreation and Park Association. Gibb received the highest vote for the award, by her peers from all over the state.

The recipient of the award must possess several qualifications. For instance, the recipient must have demonstrated an intense dedication toward the provision of park and recreation services through a minimum of ten years experience in a leisure service delivery system. Furthermore, the recipient must be a member of the West Virginia Recreation and Park Association for at least five years and during that time have demonstrated a willingness to assume superior leadership within that organization.

The recipient of the award must also have continual development in her career and should be an effective role model of a successful park and recreation department, as well as a leader for individuals entering the leisure services profession.

Beverly Gibb, known as “Bev” by her peers, was born in Moundsville and raised in Sherrard. She has been happily married to husband, Bob, for 27 years and has two daughters, Anna, 18 and Audrey, 19.

Bev graduated from West Virginia University in 1985 with a degree in Parks and Recreation. She began her career in Parks and Recreation as an intern at Black Water Falls then began working at Twin Falls State Park. After leaving Twin Falls, Gibb moved to New Martinsville, where she has worked first as Assistant Director then Director of Parks and Recreation for the past 26 years. During her 26 years in New Martinsville, Gibb has made improvements to the historical Lincoln Theater, all playgrounds, athletic fields and the mini-golf. Additionally, she has created new parks, including: the dog park, paddleboats, Marina, and the Fireman Park, which provides hospitality boat docking for individuals and emergency responder. Gibb is in the process of a major renovation to the city swimming pool.

She also has a passion for animals, even stopping in the middle of her work meeting to help free a deer trapped in the baseball dugout. Gib is considered as truly representing the passion and heart of Parks and Recreation.