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John Morgan To Serve Probation

By Staff | Dec 8, 2015

John Michael Morgan, 36, of 279 North Fork Road, Pine Grove, will serve five years of probation for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. He previously pleaded to the offense Nov. 6 in Wetzel County Circuit Court.

Morgan apologized to the court for his crime.

“It embarrasses me more than anything to stand in front of all of you and explain myself. I have never had to do anything as hard as this. I’ve had to think about leaving my daughter, and just the thought of that makes me realize that freedom is more important than anything in the world.”

Morgan said nothing is worse than having to tell his daughter that he “may not be here tomorrow,” adding that marijuana impairs one’s judgement and keeps “them from realizing the most important things.”

The defendant, again, apologized to the court, including the prosecution and arresting officers “that had to come to my house.” Morgan said he wanted to be sincere.

“Whether it is marijuana or any other drug, it is illegal, and I realize that.”

Defense Attorney Kevin Neiswonger described Morgan as “refreshing.” Neiswonger said usually his clients are rather defensive and claim law enforcement is “out to get them,” or the charges are all wrong.

“(Morgan) told me, ‘I’ve done something terribly wrong. I screwed up. I need to talk to someone,'” Neiswonger explained.

Neiswonger further described Morgan as honest, stating his client was upfront about his crime, as well as about being behind on child support.

Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Haught noted that although the state had agreed to be silent, he wanted to say that Morgan has been one of the most “remorseful” defendants he has ever dealt with.

“He has not sought to justify his use of marijuana. He has not been uncooperative. H’es not been arrogant or belligerant, and he’s not demonstrated what we see so many defendants demonstrate when it comes to drugs,” Haught added.

Morgan again apologized “for being here today.” He said he appreciated what Haught had said about him. He added that he hopes to “be treated fair” and said he was willing to pay for any wrongdoing he had committed.

“I can do any number of years of probation. I can pass any drug test. I’m more than willing to give any test you want to bring upon me,” Morgan added.

Hummel sentenced Morgan to one to five years in prison but suspended the execution of the incarceration. He then ordered Morgan to complete five years of probation and noted that if he fails one drug test, he will head to prison.