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Former Secretary Sentenced to Jail

By Staff | Dec 8, 2015

Former Hundred High School secretary Franklin Scott Hixenbaugh will serve one to 10 years in prison for embezzling nearly $28,000 from the school.

During Thursday’s sentencing before Circuit Judge David Hummel, Hixenbaugh, 34, expressed remorse for his crime, agreeing with Hummel’s statement that he had “stolen money from children.”

“I’ve made a mistake I’m trying to rectify,” Hixenbaugh said. “I’m prepared to do whatever I can do.”

In pleading to Hummel for his freedom, Hixenbaugh said he was worried about his family, including his sick brother for whom he serves as caretaker.

“I’ve learned to show remorse. I know when I do something wrong. Before that I had a hard time judging right and wrong,” he said.

Defense attorney Harry Moore argued that his client, Hixenbaugh, is not a risk to the community and should be sentenced to house arrest or probation.

“He is trying to get his life straightened back out. He’s looking for a job,” Moore said.

Hixenbaugh repeated that he was sorry for the crime.

“I can’t even look at these kids in the face. Even when I go through town to go get groceries or milk, I don’t look around. It used to be, I’d wave or talk to the kids. The kids meant a lot to me.

“I’m very sorry that it has happened. I’m embarrassed by it all. I just want the chance to make it right by the students, the faculty. I’m sorry that any of this has gone on.”

In addition to the prison sentence, Hummel ordered Hixenbaugh to pay $27,926 in restitution and $22,000 in accounting costs associated with the investigation.