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Hummel Addresses Matters at Circuit Court

By Staff | Nov 19, 2015

Several matters were addressed by Judge David W. Hummel Friday, Nov. 6 in Wetzel County Circuit Court.

Chelsea Rye, 25, of 22 Cleveland St., Hundred, appeared in court, alongside Attorney Harry Moore, regarding her two indictments. It was suggested to the court that Rye’s trial be moved to Dec. 14 due to pending results from the West Virginia State Police Crime Lab. Furthermore, Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Haught noted that Moore and himself have been in plea discussions relative to Rye’s case.

“I think if he spends some time with his client, and we receive the results from the lab, we would come to an agreement.”

From the September 2015 Grand Jury Rye was charged with possession of a controlled narcotic substance (heroin) with intent to deliver. This offense allegedly occurred on June 15.

A separate three-count indictment charged Rye with conspiracy to deliver a controlled narcotic substance (heroin), delivery of a controlled narcotic substance (heroin), and delivery of a controlled narcotic substance. These offenses allegedly occurred on March 16.

Rye’s co-defendant, John Wilbur Bowman, Jr., 26, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deliver heroin. He was sentenced to one to five years for the offense. His effective sentence was two to 20 years in prison, as his Wetzel County sentence is to run consecutively to a one to 15 year prison sentence Bowman received in Monongalia County.

Prosecutor Haught stated that at the time the offense occurred, the West Virginia State Police was conducting undercover operations in Hundred. Haught said two buys were made off of Bowman and his co-defendant, Rye.

During his plea, Bowman confessed that he is a drug addict. He said he has been a junkie since 22 years of age. When asked how much money he spent on his drug habit, Bowman replied “too much,” agreeing that the amount was thousands of dollars.