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Bassett Sentenced to One to Five Years

By Staff | Nov 19, 2015

Makleigh Bassett, 22, entered into a conditional plea Friday, Nov. 6 in Wetzel County Circuit Court to conspiracy to deliver a controlled narcotic substance, Percocet.

For this offense, Bassett was sentenced to one to five years, with credit for time served, in the state’s penitentiary. However, due to the fact this was Bassett’s first offense and she had already served 90 days in prison, the execution of the prison sentence was suspended and Bassett will instead complete the county’s drug court program. Bassett will be on home confinement with GPS monitoring while starting the drug court program. Failure to complete drug court could result in Bassett serving the maximum prison sentence.

Bassett admitted to being a drug addict and selling drugs. She said she had been selling the drugs for two months and had been a drug addict since her junior year of high school.

Bassett said she got started using drugs after experimenting with Xanax and going to school “high on them.” She said she has used heroin, meth, Percocet, crack, cocaine, mollie, and suboxin.

“Suboxin . . . that’s really a drug, right?” Judge Hummel asked Bassett.

Bassett agreed, further agreeing that one can get high from suboxin. She said she received the drug from a doctor in Pittsburgh.

“Basically you are trading one drug for another,” she said.

Hummel agreed to Bassett entering into a conditional plea, which means her record will be cleared after she completes drug court.

“It allows this young person to be a viable part of our community by employment,” Hummel stated, telling Bassett that this was an opportunity for her to “get better, manage your addiction, and become a contributing member of society.”

Prosecutor Timothy Haught noted that he commended Bassett’s family for not bailing her out of prison.

“It was probably a hard decision for them to make, but she’s a different person now. Prison dried her out both in respect to her attitude, and also physically she’s capable of successfully completing drug court. You don’t help a drug addict by bonding them out.”

Bassett agreed, stating that by staying in prison, her family “saved my life.”