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Valley Aims to Improve Culture

By Staff | Nov 3, 2015

Valley High School’s goals for the 2015-2016 school year involve boosting school culture and increasing data driven instruction to meet Annual Measurable Objectives and increase graduation goals.

VHS presented its Local School Improvement Council report at the Monday, Oct. 19 meeting of the Wetzel County Board of Education. When explaining the current school year’s goals, teacher Annie Hall said in respect to culture, that if students aren’t being supported by parents and community members, it is difficult for the school to be successful.

Hall said to boost that community support, VHS works to be active in the community, update its webpage for upcoming events, and update its sign in front of the school.

Additionally, the school offers plenty of events for the community to take part in, whether it be a sporting event, donkey basketball, alumni weekend, FFA banquet, blood drive, or its upcoming Veterans Day celebration.

As to improving academically, VHS is utilizing and taking advantage of its online and virtual classes, Student of the Month program, and extracurricular clubs and activities.

Additionally, Counselor Amy Tucker has utilized midterm consultations to reach out to students who are not meeting requirements for classes. Byard remarked that Tucker has helped 44 students through the consultations and has helped them to see “they are up to passing classes.”

Instructor Tara Byard remarked that students came away from the consultations, telling their teachers that they want to be better.

As to facility improvements, Principal J.C. Kimble thanked the board for the new lockers. “You walk in the school and they just ‘pop,’ the yellow and black.”

Kimble added that kids have to want to go to school and that school is like their home.

“We are like a family. If the house looks good, you generally want to be there.”

Kimble also thanked the board for new textbooks, the three percent pay raise all Wetzel County School employees received, new carpet in classrooms, and the full-time art teacher.

Additionally, Kimble expressed appreciation for new exterior doors, a meat grinder for the Agriculture Education courses, athletic field renovations and bleachers, and the free lunch and breakfast for all students.

As to needs for the next school year, Kimble requested a full-time business education instructor. He also requested an additional custodian, an autoscrubber for the floors, and fresh paint on the gymnasium walls.

Seniors Makayla Melott and Colton Ring spoke about clubs at VHS, specifically FFA and TSA. Ring also stressed the difference in VHS this year versus the 2014-2015 school year., saying the consistency is “a thousand times better.”

“I’ve had five principals in the last three years. It’s hard to learn academically when you have five principals,” he said.

“Mr. Kimble has come in, and so has Ms. Tucker, and they’ve knocked it out of the park,” Ring said.

Board President Mike Blair thanked the students for their comments, adding that “We feel better as a group. You make us feel like we’ve put the proper people in.” Blair encouraged Kimble to “stay the course.”