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Short Line Eyes More Recognition

By Staff | Nov 3, 2015

Short Line School will focus on the year ahead instead of soon have a greenhouse, thanks to a donation from Dominion Resources.

Short Line School Instructor Leslie Lively is hoping that Short Line School will again be the National Energy Education Development Project’s Elementary Level School of the Year.

Lively said fifth graders who were part of the winning team last year, will mentor fourth grade participants this year. To participate in the contest, students participate throughout the year in energy education projects. The students then submit an energy scrapbook to be judged.

Lively said he hopes that this year’s SLS participants will reach a bigger audience with radio commercials. Lively explained that last year’s participants reached about 120,000 radio listeners with commercials. He said he had already spoken to several radio stations who agreed to play the commercials if they were submitted.

Students will also create packets of informative energy-related games for kids to play while dining in local restaurants.

Lively explained that several of his students have stayed after school to work on the project and he would soon rotate in a new group of students to stay after school to work on the project.

There are also plans for a return of the Energy Carnival, which was a success last year.

Lively said the cost to go to the NEED recognition ceremonies is pricey. Therefore, SLS students would be participating in several fundraising activities.

In another matter, Principal Teresa Standiford explained that SLS’ results on the General Summative Assessment, which replaced the WESTEST, were not the best but the school was going to look forward toward the next year. Standiford said the school had been working on the practice test, which is time-consuming process.

Standiford explained that the teachers graded the test themselves.

“The staff here did a great job with it … the kids had a chance to actually see how the test is developed … The teachers gained a lot by grading the test. It took time, but we got it done. I graded some, and it helped me realize what we are missing, so I think that will help us with test scores next year.”

Board President Mike Blair complimented Standiford on her positive attitude.

“It’s awesome the way you began … let’s not talk about test scores. Let’s focus on the direction we are going,” Blair said.

“You have a school on the move. It’s very, very obvious, and, and it’s refreshing to see that. Hats off to you guys.”

The board was thanked for the many improvements made to SLS during the summer, which included SMART boards in every room, new lights in the gymnasium, new wall pads, fresh paint in the gymnasium, new tile in the hallways, and new carpet in the rooms. The school is also looking forward to a new music room.

“It’s a blessing, and Mr. Emch is very excited about it,” Standiford said.

Items requested for SLS included additional storage, playground equipment, a wellness room with actual exercise equipment, fold-up portable tables, gym floor coverings, a divider for the gym, and a new mower. Standiford also requested that her office be in closer proximity to the classrooms.

Also at the board meeting, Science Teacher Billie Wildman was presented with an $8,000 check from Christine Mitchell, on behalf of Dominion Resources. The funds will go toward a greenhouse and supplies for students in six through eight. In her grant request, Wildman said labs completed in the greenhouse will all be problem based learning with strong ties to math and English. Elements of geography, history, multi-media technology, and energy understanding will also be included. Wildman said the eighth grade’s focus will be on designing and carrying out group experiments; seventh grade will work on pH experiments, water collecting and graphing, while sixth grade will work with concepts of plant types, composing, and observations.