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Razor Blade Found In Halloween Candy In Middlebourne

By Staff | Nov 3, 2015

Tyler County Sheriff’s Department reported that a piece of a razor blade was discovered within a candy bar gathered during trick-or-treating.

Sheriff Bob Kendle said a concerned mother of Middlebourne, who was inspecting her childrens’ candy Thursday, found a piece of a disposable razor blade in a bite-sized Snickers bar, according to a press release issued Saturday by the sheriff’s department. The woman’s name has not been released to the media.

The press release said she brought the candy bar to the sheriff’s department.

“We do not know of any previous incidents prior to this locally,” Kendle said in the press release. “However, if there are any concerns after inspecting candy collected, take the candy to your local law enforcement agency.”

Kendle said Sunday that there were no other similar reported incidents.