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Black Cat Victim Of Animal Cruelty

By Staff | Nov 3, 2015

Camilla Freeland is seeking information about a black cat that had its left ear cut off in recent weeks.

“I hate to let something like this go because it really bothers me that someone would do something like this,” she said. “Our family is very upset. No animal should suffer like this.”

Freeland of Wood Street in Sistersville said about three weeks ago in October, her cat “Black Betty” came home one evening with its ear completely ripped away. Because it was a Sunday, Freeland carried the animal to an emergency care animal hospital in Wheeling.

“Black Betty was purring, but you could tell she was in pain because of the head trauma she had experienced,” she said.

Freeland said her vet bill was tame at about $300, but the cat did not survive her injury.

“The vet told us that this was the worst case of animal cruelty on a cat that she had ever seen,” Freeland said. “The expression when the vet saw the cat was ‘Oh my.’ It was horrible. The cat was really just a kitten, about 2 months old. No animal should have to endure this kind of cruelty.”

Freeland said the vet reported that the injuries were not caused from vehicle or an attack from another animal, but from someone who didn’t like the cat.

“Who doesn’t like cats that much to harm an innocent animal?” she said.

Freeland reported the incident to Sistersville police. She is cautiously optimistic that by making people more aware of what happened, that police may be able find who did this horrible act.

“I wish someone would come forward so we can have justice for our cat,” she said.

A $50 reward is offered to anyone with information that could assist police. For more information, contact Freeland at 304-904-6424.