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Police Ask For Help In Murder Investigation

By Staff | Oct 21, 2015


The West Virginia State Police is asking for help with the investigation involving the homicide of Carl Michael Thompson, 79, who was found dead on Hawkey Hill in Wetzel County.

The homicide, believed to have been committed by people with whom Thompson was associated, occurred after midnight on Tuesday, Sept. 29. According to the WVSP, many of those people have been involved in past criminal activity in Marshall County.

A press release issued by the WVSP on Friday, Oct. 9 explains that The Investigative Team is frustrated by the lack of cooperation from the community and believes the lack of cooperation may stem from fear of those involved.

The statement says “throughout the investigation there has been a recurring theme of people who know something about the victim or the crime but don’t want to get involved.”

The statement also dispels several rumors, which have “proved to be untrue.” WVSP state the crime was not related to lottery winnings. Also Marshall County fugitives who were apprehended in Shadyside last week have been ruled out as suspects.

WVSP confirmed, through their release, the victim was shot in the head by a small caliber firearm. The body was wrapped in a hand-made quilt and then a tarp. An accelerant was used to ignite the fire. The quilt used is a “feed-sack” quilt. These quilts were made in the 1930s and are frequently found in this area of the United States; however, it is believed the pattern on the quilt is unique and police are seeking information from anyone who may recognize it.

The Investigative Team is seeking assistance from the residents of Marshall County and the Proctor area of Wetzel County, where Thompson’s body was discovered.

Thompson was described as an active man who frequented many establishments around Moundsville, and Sergeant C.J. Lantz of the WVSP has called on the community for help in piecing together his final hours.

Thompson was discovered on Hawkey Hill Road, 100 yards south of the Marshall County line, when a passing motorist returning from work saw flames in a roadside creek bed. When the motorist stopped, Thompson’s body was discovered as the source of the fire, and firefighters from St. Joseph’s Volunteer Fire Department responded while Marshall County sheriff’s deputies and State Police were called to the scene.

WVSP is seeking information on Thompson’s whereabouts in Moundsville on Sept. 28, between 3 p.m. and the time Thompson’s body was found after midnight on Sept. 29. Thompson was noticed by a passing motorist at 12:30 a.m., Sept. 29. Those who see any suspicious vehicles or activity in the Hawkey Hill area are encouraged to come forward.

“We believe he was transported there and left there,” Sergeant C.J. Lantz of the WVSP previously has said. “Nobody deserves to be left alongside a creek like that or set on fire. Whatever cowards did this, these need to come forward. These people know who they are.”

First Sgt. James Stout said the involvement of the public is crucial in determining the course of Thompson’s last day, and any scrap of information may help piece together the narrative.

“It’s hard asking for help when you can’t tell everybody everything. Whatever they see might be that one little bit that brings it together,” he said. “It’s a brutal crime. None of God’s creatures deserve to be treated like this.”

Anyone with information should contact the West Virginia State Police at 304-843-4100 or wvstatepolice.com.