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Pine Grove Town Council Discusses Financial Matters

By Staff | Oct 21, 2015

Pine Grove Town Council discussed ways to save, and acquire, extra funds at its monthly meeting held on Oct. 13 in council chambers.

Council members perused two rough drafts of letters, written by councilwoman Barbara King, which would notify businesses that the town was enforcing payment of business licenses. King also had a list of businesses which had not yet paid for their business license.

The standard rate for a business license is approximately $20 per year. However, council determined they could charge more for a business that is part of a chain of stores, a business that sells alcohol or cigarettes, or a business that has lottery machines. Pine Grove’s attorney, Gary Rymer, informed council they could only charge as much as the state does for a business license. Council decided to table the action until contact the state tax department could be made to receive further information on the issue.

In another matter, additional research is needed as to whether the town could sell the property that contains the town’s fire department to the fire department.

Rymer said council had looked into the issue before and if council does not maintain the area as a municipal fire department, it would lapse the department’s state funding, since it would then be a private-owned fire department.

In another matter, Dave Barr, of the town’s sewer board, notified council that the town’s workers are being called out, repeatedly, for a problem that is not on the town’s end of the sewage system.

“Basically, we want to charge them for (the call),” Barr explained, adding he thought there was an ordinance stating such. “All we have done in the past is go out and check the water and sewer lines, and if it is on their side, we tell them it is on their side. They have to take care of it themselves. The thing is, they will turn around and call the next day, and then the next day. It is the same thing with the same people.”

Barr also informed council that the town’s sewage system was being sabotage.

“People were taking the lids off of some of the pits and tearing them apart. The law was out here, and it has slowed down,” Barr said.

Mayor Roy Justice reiterated what Barr had said, adding that law enforcement is keeping an eye on the situation and if a person is found messing with the system, he would press charges.

Council concluded to look further into the matter of charging for calls. Barr said he thought the old ordinance stated the individual would be charged $25 for a repeated call concerning a problem that is not the fault of the town’s.

In another matter, Wetzel County Office of Emergency Management Director Ed Sapp presented council with a map which marked the town’s flood plains. Sapp also discussed the road addressing and signage for 911. Council was notified they needed to replace their street signs, with new signs verifying the new street names, as soon as possible.

Council also set Trick-or-Treat for 5:30-7 p.m., Oct. 29.

Also, council approved the use of the Byrd Center, for free, on Nov. 26 (Thanksgiving Day) for the community Thanksgiving dinner. Council agreed that the organizers of the community Thanksgiving dinner would have first priority of using the Byrd Center, over individuals wanting to use the center for family dinners.

Necessary paperwork was also signed for Bel-O-Mar Regional Council, regarding the town’s sewer project. Design work is almost completed for the project.

Council also discussed enforcing an 8 a.m. pick-up time for garbage in the town, as too many individuals are setting their garbage out past the 8 a.m. time. Council also discussed asking that residents put their garbage in garbage bags, instead of just the can. Councilwoman Julie Liggett stated she would have fliers made up notifying residents of the requests.

According to Justice, two new steer tires are needed the front of the garbage truck. Justice said he had ordered the tires and they are ready to be installed; however, council members suggested the mayor look into getting the tires from Wetzel County Schools’ surplus.

Council members Travis Villers and Eva Adams were not present.

It was determined that council will begin meeting at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month.