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By Staff | Oct 21, 2015
Brand new doors greet visitors at Magnolia High School.
?Magnolia High School’s gymnasium floor was re-coated over the summer.
New doors add safety and security at Wetzel County Schools.
Hundred High School has a new digital sign.
Pictured are several new lockers that were installed at Wetzel County Schools over the summer.

Many Wetzel County students came back to school in August to a new look, thanks to several Wetzel County Summer Maintenance projects. Maintenance Projects included multiple paving projects, carpet replacement with tile, LCD lighting in the gymnasiums, new door installations, re-coating of gymnasium floors, and new hallway and and new dressing room lockers. Also, Hundred High School has had a new digital sign installed and new equipment has been purchased for vocational program. Additionally, new playground equipment has been purchased and installed. This is a sampling of maintenance projects completed this year. Other projects include new classroom phones and intercom systems, replacement of restroom stalls and fencing projects. Director of Ancillary Services Brian Jones says these projects were chosen to enhance the safety for students and staff. Though it doesn’t relate to maintenance, some Wetzel County students will also have new transportation, as new school buses have also been purchased.