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Community Foundation Helps Promote Economic Growth

By Staff | Oct 14, 2015

The Community Foundation of the Ohio Valley has partnered with the Wetzel County Commissioners to promote economic growth through giving.

The commission, who had funds set aside for economic development, will work with the Community Foundation and will offer three $5,000 grants to eligible businesses. The applications will be available on Oct. 15 in the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce Office. The applications will be reviewed and selected by the Community Foundation.

“We are going to pick projects that will help spur economic development in businesses, perhaps hire more people, increase their business and help them do better,” Susie Nelson, executive director of the Community Foundation, stated.

They have to be businesses in Wetzel County and once the grant is awarded, there will be follow ups.

“This grant program is something new that the commission wants to promote to show our appreciation for small business and it is a different type of approach,” Wetzel County Commissioner Larry Lemon said. “We will be giving grants, which is very unusually for a business to be eligible to expand, buy equipment or have other needs has to apply for a loan, so this is a different approach.”

The Community Foundation has been in working in Wetzel County for years and started the Wetzel County Fund. The Community Fund is a for specifically for making grants to non-profit organizations. Last year they made $7,500 in grants to a wide-variety of organizations across the county.