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Body Camera Doubles As Cruiser Camera

By Staff | Sep 29, 2015

Photo by Kayla Van Dyne Shown is New Martinsville Councilman Steve Pallisco, Det. Donnie Harris, Dispatcher Miranda holding the newest addition K-9 Razor, Bruce Johnson, owner of Johnson Investigations and Security Systems Unlimited, and Councilman Jeff Wright.

The New Martinsville Police Department recently received a donation from Johnson Unlimited in the form of a body camera that doubles as a cruiser camera.

According to Bruce Johnson, owner of Johnson Investigations and Security Systems Unlimited, the lens of the body camera rotates and can clip to the visor of the cruiser. Another feature is that it also has an eye piece that will attach the officers glasses.

Currently, the New Martinsville Police Department does not have body cameras for the police officers.

“Jeff Wright, who is on the city council, told me that they didn’t have any body cameras. He talked to (Det. Donnie Harris) and the guys about it and they said they would like to have some but didn’t know what they wanted,” said Johnson.

The camera that Johnson donated is a trial run. If this camera works out, the department will work on getting funds together to purchase more cameras.

“We appreciate it and we are hoping this works out well and we can get purchase the rest of them,” said Det. Donnie Harris. “There was some talk about this a few months ago, but it died off.”

Harris went on to say that the body cameras are very helpful in court as it cuts out a lot of the he said, she said. An officer having a body camera can protect himself when he is accused of something because he has video proof.

“We will find the funding to do this. There is not a pieced of equipment that I won’t support if they need it,” said Councilman Steve Pallisco. “It is all about their safety out there and I am telling you there is nothing I won’t fight for when it comes to safety of a police officer.”

Det. Harris recently received donations for his K-9 Alert System for his cruiser. The donation came anonymous in memory of Ruxin. Ruxin was a six-month-old German Shepard puppy that was left in an unattended vehicle by a trainer. Ruxin had spent several weeks with the trainer and was scheduled to come home the day he died from heat in the back of the van.