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Bids Too High For NM Parks Budget

By Staff | Sep 9, 2015

A special New Martinsville City Council meeting was held on Monday, Aug. 17 to open the sealed bids for the Lewis-Wetzel Swimming Pool renovations.

Two construction companies submitted bids for the projects. The lump sum base bid amounts were 1,472,000 and 1,680,000. The bids were then referred back to the New Martinsville Parks and Recreation Commission which met on Wednesday, august 19 and unanimously voted to reject both bids and rebid the project.

“We are looking at a total bid bond of $1.4 million,” stated Parks and Recreation Director Beverly Gibb. “Our goal is to complete both the Lewis-Wetzel Pool Project and a proposed ice skating project at Bruce Park with that $1.4 million. We are striving to give the community the very best facility available with being fiscally responsible.”

While the rebidding of the pool delays the start of the project, the goal is still to have it open for the 2016 season. Construction is expected to take approximately four months to complete.

Construction plans call for the existing north end of the pool, currently three feet deep, to be extended north approximately 12 feet allowing for a zero depth entry. Several water spray/spilling features will be installed down the length of the slope. A gutter system will be installed to replace the existing skimmers. Gutters, in addition to creating a cleaner water surface, cut down on the wave action of the water. Waves distort the water making it more difficult to view the bottom of the pool.

The pool will be ADA accessible with a walk-in ramp and a set of transfer steps being added. A new filtration system will be added and the bath house will receive a makeover as well.

Everyone having questions or comments is encouraged to contact the Parks and Recreation office at 304-455-9130. The NM Parks Facebook page is also a good way to stay in touch with the correct information. “As with many projects, rumors occur. We want to make sure people receive the correct information on all of our facilities, programs, and projects. By calling our office directly, or monitoring out Facebook page, that can be accomplished,” stated Gibb.