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Officers Partner for Shop With a Cop

By Staff | Sep 2, 2015

Shown is Sisterville Police Chief Rob Haught and the children he took shopping last year.

The Sistersville Police Department and the Paden City Police Department plan to join forces to help bring joy and cheer to children on Christmas morning.

Chief Rob Haught and Chief Joe Richardson have started making plans to raise funds for Shop with a Cop. Shop with a Cop is a program when local law enforcement officers take children Christmas shopping. Majority of the time, these children are underprivileged. This not only gives the child something to open on Christmas morning, but it helps build a rapport with children.

New Martinsville Police Department has had a Shop with a Cop for the last several years. Last year, when they had extra funds, the department invited Sistersville Police Department Chief Haught to participate.

Haught jumped at the opportunity to bring joy and a Christmas morning to a child. Since it was late in the year, most of the children were already spoken for by other charities. The child Haught spent the day with had just moved to the area.

“It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I had this little boy, he was the perfect candidate for this and it worked out great. Based on that, I decided I wanted to try to make it work again this year, even if we had to go in it alone or if we had to do our own fundraising or whatever it took to maybe include some more kids from Sistersville,” said Haught.

He went on to say that during the shopping trip, not only did they pick out numerous toys, but Haught also made sure that the child had a winter coat, shoes and the one thing that he really wanted – a red bicycle.

“We really haven’t gotten that far with the planning yet. I don’t want to step on New Martinsville’s toes or anything. If we can do it jointly, if we can help add to the donations and be able to participate, I think that would be a good solution too,” said Haught.

This project is still very much in the early stages of planning, though they have begun seeking donations, which can be turned into Paden City Police Department Chief Richardson. They are working on the kinks of how this will work. They hope that they will be able to partner with New Martinsville Police Department and add to the funds or do it on the same day as them. They hope to make this an annual event. Both chiefs believe that no child should wake up to an empty Christmas morning.