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School Employees Receive 3-Percent Pay Raise

By Staff | Aug 19, 2015

Wetzel County Schools’ employees have started off with a 3-percent pay raise, thanks to a decision made by the board from its 2015-2016 budget.

Superintendent Leatha Williams, at the board’s Monday, Aug. 17 meeting, stated the schools had an excellent opening day and the board had received positive feedback from staff and students. Board President Mike Blair inquired as to whether Williams had shared the information regarding the pay raise to Wetzel County Schools’ employees. Williams replied in the affirmative, stating she had shared the news at the end of the opening staff day, telling the employees the raise was in appreciation for all of their hard work.

President Blair told the Chronicle after Monday’s meeting that the raise was in thanks to the extra funds the board had acquired because of the oil and gas industry activity. He noted the schools’ employees had not received an overall raise in several years.