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Properties To Be Cleaned Up at Owners’ Expense

By Staff | Aug 12, 2015

Paden City Council addressed dilapidated properties during the August 3, council meeting.

Mayor John Hopkins said the city has given warnings and sent out letters to the property owners but most of the time they just ignore them. He asked council for permission to allow the city crews to haul rubbish to the dump and mow and weed eat property located at 803 N. Seventh Ave. He also asked permission to weed eat and mow at 623 S. Second Ave., and to charge accordingly for both properties. Council unanimously approved the requests.

Council discussed other properties that need addressed and the costs associated with the cleanups. Hopkins said it can get expensive for the city to have to go around and cleanup other peoples mess.

“We can put a lien on the property but we have to continue to clean them up and the cost keeps getting higher,” he said.

Councilman John Staggers suggested bringing them into city court. Hopkins said one problem is some of the properties are owned by more than one person, he also said that some owners live out of town and you can’t get in touch with them.

Police Chief Joe Richardson said he could cite the individuals and bring them into court. Another suggestion was to take them to magistrate court. Councilwoman Ginger Wilcox said she would like to have the city give the properties identified a 10 day notice and then have the chief summons the owners to city court. Council unanimously approved a motion to that effect.

Street Commissioner Josh Billiter was approved to purchase yellow safety T-Shirts for city workers at a cost of $8.00 each. The shirts would have the city logo on them and it was agreed to get two each for the workers. Billiter also reported they would soon be working replacing water line from Stephen Street to Church Street. He also reported on the condition of storm sewers stating some are 50 years old and in bad shape.

Chief Richardson was granted permission from council to spend about $1,400 to $1,600 of the cities “PCPD Forfeiture Fund” monies on supplies needed. He said there is around $3,000 in the fund and the officers need flashlights, holsters and other items. He also said they can use the money from fines and forfeitures to further drug investigations. Wilcox commended the chief on doing a good job and she said she has heard several positive remarks regarding the police department.

Councilman Joel Davis, reported on the Paden City Development Authority. He said they are donating the playground equipment at the old middle school to the Park and Pool commission. He also said Alex King is working to get funds through a grant to purchase electronic signs for the local communities. He said they could be used for many purposes such as an amber alert, advertising community events, for local businesses to advertise, to tell of road work or meeting dates and they would be free to each local community.

Council also held the second reading of an ordinance to amend an ordinance. The amendment will state any hourly or salary employee who has not worked the day before and the day after a holiday does not get paid for that holiday. Council unanimously approved the amendment.

Council also approved the hiring of Joseph Parrish as a part-time maintenance worker and approved the placing of two new welcome signs at the North and South ends of town.