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New Air Packs for Fire Dept.

By Staff | Aug 12, 2015

The New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department informs the city council at the August meeting about the 13 updated airpacks they received from Blue Racer.

The new airpacks are smaller, lighter and more up-to-date. Along with the 13, the fire department purchased three more so that each primary truck can have the required four packs.

“We are very fortunate to get into this program,” said Fire Chief Larry Couch. “The airpacks that we have are due to retire next year.”

The cylinders on the retired packs would cost $1,000 each to replace and the department has 60 cylinders. The new airpacks are not in service yet, according to Couch, everyone is still going through training. Couch went on to say that the new airpacks will be in service around the same time the new truck is in service.

The fire department accepted the one bid that they received and have completed the financing.

“The fire truck is $250,000, it is a demonstrator truck and has never been titled. It’s new. It has a few thousand miles on it. It is a really nice truck and we put about $15,000 in additional option on the truck,” said Couch.

The fire department is completely paying and financing the new truck.

“The city has nothing in it, but it’s their truck,” said Couch.